45,000 to participate in clean-up minga, Día del Pasillo, Food fair, Bus passenger rights

Sep 28, 2018


Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –
Viernes Cultural – The Cultural Friday event of the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS – remember this abbreviation, too) is a musical tribute for the Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano, Friday. An ensemble of professors from the U. of Cuenca, and teachers and administrators from the UPS will play songs like Esposa, El Aguacate, Tú y Yo, Despedida, Pasional, Tu Partida, Cantares del Alma, and Sombras. <And your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to translate those song titles on your own.>

Pasillo: The soul of Ecuador

Quimera – This group played songs from their latest CD, “Íntimo” Friday in the Teatro Casa de la Cultura (CCE).

Teatro y música – “La historia del Soldado” was staged Friday in the Auditorio at the UDA with the OSC playing music by Igor Stravinsky with the text by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz.

Fanzine – “Maricxs Unidxs” was launched Friday in the Pálier-Café Libro (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova). This is for people who know that the “road to equality in civil and social conditions is not the delegitimization of any silenced and marginalized struggle.” <Look to the current confirmation process up north for an example of the road not to take.>

Teatro – The theater group Malayerba (Evil plant/weed – your word for the day) will present “La Razón Blindada” (The Armored Reason) Friday as part of the Festival Internacional Escenarios del Mundo. <The article quoted a line from the play and if you’re not fluent, don’t bother going. It was difficult to read, and I read pretty well.>

Pasillo <which Google translates as corridor> – The Day of Classic Pasillo in Ecuador is 1/10 and there two events to celebrate it. <By the way, the pasillo is a musical genre.> The first was a concert Friday in the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural (INPC – don’t bother remembering this abbreviation) (Benigno Malo 6.40 y Juan Jaramillo) by the Quinteto Polifónico Ciudad de Cuenca. The second event is a more academic talk at the same location on 2/10.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Health fair – The City and SOLCA are organizing a health fair about cancer prevention. It will be on 1&2/10 at the mercado 27 de Febrero; 3/10 at 9 de Octubre; and 4&5/10 at El Arenal.

“Feria Expo Alimentaria 2018” (Expo Food Fair 2018) – This fair with 13 businesses who have been helped by EDEC EP (A city business to promote business development) will be at the Mall del Río from 12-14/10. The products will include conserves, artesanal beer <something for you alcohol loving gringos>, chocolate, ginger gin, honey products, ají products <for you spice loving gringos>, dulces de frutas, dairy based sweets, pumpkins <for you Halloween loving gringos), cheese and chicha de jora. Cost: Free <until you make your first purchase>.

Concierto – The best performers <and we know gringos only like to patronize the “best”> for Vallenato, Cumbia and Salsa will be at the Caballo Campana hoy a las 20:00 for your dancing and singing pleasure.

Latin Urban Party – This concert of “los mejores” (the best) of urban latin and ecuadorian music will be at the Estancia Rosario mañana a las 20:00. You can also enjoy las mejores drinks, AAA models, live music, and more surprises. <Maybe you’ll luck out and one of those models will experience a wardrobe malfunction right in front of you.>

Reina de Cuenca – The 8 candidates for Queen of Cuenca will be presented hoy a las 20:00 in the old Court building. The crown will be presented on 11/10 a las 19:00 in the Mansión Alcázar.

Otras cosas –

Titular – 2 proyectos municipales reciben reconocimientos (2 municipal projects receive recognition) – The Municipio de Cuenca received two prizes for Mejoramiento Integral de Barrios Periféricos (Integral Improvement of Peripheral Neighborhoods) and for Conservación de la Biodiversidad Urbana (Conservation of Urban Biodiversity) which are the frog habitats along the rivers. <Unfortunately, the two closest to me are low on water and clogged with water plants and trash with no visible tadpoles or frogs in months.>

Acuerdo ambiental – Ecuador was one of 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that ratified the first environmental agreement in the region, the Acuerdo Regional sobre el Acceso a la Información, la Participación Pública y el Acceso a la Justicia en Asuntos Ambientales en América Latina y el Caribe (Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean) <You know for those of you in the gringo bubble, I like to give you the original Spanish so at least you see some of the language of the country in which you’re living.>

Minga – There was a national minga today, “Acción por el planeta 2018” (Action for the planet, 2018) to clean rivers, lakes and beaches in the country. 45,000 volunteers in 360 locations in the country were expected. Last year, there were 39,000 volunteers at 324 locations who collected 180 tons of basura (garbage/trash/junk/litter/mullock(?) – your bonus word for the day) <never heard of mullock – that’s my word for the day.> along 344 km. of water fronts.

Notarial fees – The Consejo Nacional para la Igualdad de Discapacidades (National Council for Disability Equality) held a press conference to announce that notario fees are free. <I think that’s what the article said. So if you’re legally disabled and need a notario, it might be free.>

Bus fares – When riders with senior and disabled cards pay their fares, the machine now says “bienvenido” instead of “tarifa diferenciada.” Full fare riders will hear “gracias.”

Urban transport – EMOV (Empresa de Movilidad) delivered a manual on rights and obligations for drivers and passengers on public transportation to comply with item 7 in the Ordinance that Regulates the Conditions for Improving the Quality of Public Transportation to Passengers on Urban Buses in Cuenca. <I wonder if it’s on the city website and what it says. Thou shalt not drive like an Indy Raceway competitor? Passengers are not pinballs?>

Deportes –

Hockey – The 4th and final rankings of the National Hockey Interclubs Championships will be this weekend in Machala, El Oro. <Field hockey, I presume. If it were ice hockey I’d have to find out where they practice so I could get on skates again before I’m too old to skate.>

Public notice – “Abstención de pago” (Withholding of payment) – There was a public notice by someone saying that due to loss of the checks, blank checks with numbers X-XXX, account YYY belonging to ZZZ would not be paid. A second similar notice said that lost checks numbered XXX were signed, but without the “pay to” or amounts filled in and would not be paid. <So maybe this is something you need to do if you lose your checkbook to protect yourself from someone else passing your checks. Just a tidbit of potentially useful information.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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