Tram drivers selected, Bird woman at the zoo, Movies at Alianza Francesa, Largest nativity scene set up in Cuenca, Bus accident

Nov 14, 2018


Hola, Todos –
Actividades –
Pagina cultural –

Ciclo de cine – The Tuesday movies at the Alianza Francesa de Cuenca is offering a film series with the theme of diversity. Tuesday’s (martes) film which started at 19:00 was “Guillaume y los chicos, a la mesa!” The movie for el 29/11 will be “Tomboy,” about Laure, a 10 year old girl who took advantage of her appearance and a haircut to pass as a boy. On the 27/11 it will be “Un amor de verano.” Cost: Free.

Concierto – Paola Montalván will present her new CD, “Suerte or Muerte” (Luck or Death) el jueves a las 20:00 in the MMAM.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Día de la Cetrería – There will a special program on falconry, “La mujer en la cetrería” este sábado desde las 9:00 en el Zoológico yural Allpa in Tarqui Parish. There will be scientific talks, and exhibition of raptors, hunting demonstrations <Are they going to hunt cuyes? or the odd stray cat or small dog?> and folk dancing.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Abonados deben 20 millones (Subscribers owe $20 million) – Of this $20 million owed to ETAPA, $9 million is in unpaid bills for basic services to ratepayers over 18 years <How many of those ratepayers still live at the billing address – or are still living?>, another $6 million is more recent. Another $5 million is from agreements for service connections in rural areas. ETAPA has a judgement for “coactivas” (google says coercive, I’ll use claims) letters to 20,000 ratepayers for $6 million. This year alone, 3,000 cases totalling $1 million have been opened.

Desde Loja, el pesebre más grande – The largest Nativity scene in Ecuador is being installed in the Catedral La Inmaculada.

Bus accident – <It seems as if some of these drivers just aren’t responding to any safety measures like the speed moniters.> A tourist bus overturned in the Control Sur area, injuring 9 of the 25 family members from Girón who were going to Guayaquil and then the US. The cause is under investigation and one hypothesis is that the driver fell asleep.

Día Mundial de la Obesidad – Yesterday was the World Day of Obesity. <I celebrated with ice cream, dulce de higos, and Turkish delight.> One indication of obesity is a waistline of over 90 cm. (35.4″) for men and 80 (31.5″) for women. According to the Ministerio de Salud, 6 out of 10 people are either overweight or obese. <I wonder if that number jumped when all the gringos (of they’re so fat!) fame started coming to Ecuador?>

Tranvía drivers – There is a new process to select 38 drivers/operators for the Tranvía. The first 4 who were selected are in Spain taking a training course, and will be the instructors for the 38 to be selected. Qualifications are a high school diploma (ser bachiller), be registered in the web page of the Ministry of Education, have a type B, C, D or E license with a minimum of 25 points and 2 years experience as a driver for a transportation business carrying either passengers or cargo. Submit your hoja de vida (resumé – your word for the day) to UEPT at Jaime Roldós 4-61 y av. Huayna Cápac from 12 – 16/11 between 9:30-13:00. <By the way, I bet fluency in Spanish is just so basic that it’s assumed. Doesn’t matter if you drove a Metro or BART train for 20 years if you only speak English.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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