Death toll rises in dam break, Argentinian move at El Prohibido, Orchestra plays Mahler’s 5th, Botanical garden, Plant-based cooking workshop

Jan 27, 2019

Domingo, 27/1/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Taller – There will be a personal development workshop, “Sanando mi niño interior” (Healing my inner child), el próximo 1/2 de 18-21:30 in the Adhikara Cuenca (Remigio Tamariz 2.46 y Federico Proaño). More than a workshop this will be an experience of your life. <Recommended for those of you who have mean, aggressive inner children who stalk comments sections of websites.>

Concierto – “Guitarra viva” with guitarists Mario Arévalo from Colombia and Bolívar Avila from Cuenca will play el próximo 8/2 a las 19:30 in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco in the CCE. Bolívar will play an international repertoire including Paganini and Bach. Mario Avila will play Colombian music, and the two will play duets with Ecuadorian and Colombian music.

Gustav Mahler

OSC – The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra will play a Gustav Mahler concert el próximo viernes, 1/2 a las 20:00 and el domingo, 3/2 a las 11:00 in the Catedral Vieja. The program will include the 5th Symphony. The article lists the 5 movements German with a Spanish description.

Poemas – The 55th anniversary of the poems for children by Eugenio Moreno Heredia will be celebrated esta martes, 29/1 a las 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad (ex Escuela Central – Gran Colombia y Begnino Malo) <I guess there are still Cuencanos (probably my age – ancianos) who still think of the building as the Escuela Central – I bet almost none of us gringos were here when it was a school. Now you “oldies” can write in and brag you used to teach English there.>

Ciclo de Cine – The Prohibido Centro Cultural will start a new film series este martes, 29/1 a las 19:00 with the Argentinian film “El Patrón” directed by Sebastián Schindel. The movie is a true story of a man who comes to Buenos Aires from the country in search of work and winds up exploited by a “siniestro” (sinister – your word for the day because I like the hissing sounds> boss who forces him to sell rotten meat in conditions of slavery. <Not a movie to go to if you want something uplifting that will make you laugh. Unless you’re Hannibal Lector.>

Taller de Dramaturgia – An online class in dramatugy (the theory and practice of dramatic composition) <I had to look that up, so it’s my English word for the day> given by Cacho Gallegos and organized by Teatro de la Vuelta will run from 4/2 to 29/3. For more information email Gabriela Rubio at

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Taller de alimentación consciente – The Taller de Cocina Basada en Plantas (Plant-Based Cooking Workshop), a workshop on mindful nutrition, will be given los próximos 2 &3/2 in the Macario Café (Huayna Cápac y Cacique Duma). This theoretical and practical workshop will teach 17 simple recipes with local ingredients, free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. It will be taught by Belén Velasteguí, founder of the Vayú Alimentación Consciente, Restaurante y Cafetería in Quito which focuses on a healthy lifestyle. The workshop is designed for people who are looking to transform and improve their relationship with food and there is no previous experience needed.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Jardín Botánico en su fase uno (Botanical Garden in its 1st phase) – The botanical park is on La Isla in the Tres Puentes sector and is part of the Cinturón Verde (Green Belt) project. The park will be scientific research and environmental education center. The existing buildings will be preserved with new ones added. There will be an interpretive center, auditorium, cafeteria, research lab offices, a lookout point, plant nurseries, and composting. There will also be raised boardwalks through the garden.
The current phase will be a demonstration garden representative of different ecological “pisos” (floors – zones?) and fruit trees. Because of that, the eucalyptus trees are being cut down which took the neighbors by surprise, resulting in complaints. On a tour yesterday, city employees and biologists from the UDA explained that eucalyptus trees are an introduced species which comsume a lot of water, have roots that spread and can cause damage to structures, and they can fall. <I read somewhere that they were called “widow makers” in Australia. Now all you Aussies can write in and correct me.> Further tours will be planned to keep neighbors up to date.
The second and third phases will be the reclamation of the river banks between Tres Puentes and Gapal with urban agriculture projects.

Mining spill – The deaths from the rupture of a dam at the Vale mine in Brasil has risen to 40 with between 250-300 missing. A total of 366 people have been rescued – 211 Vale employees and 145 indirect employees. Searches were suspended until early Sunday morning. Other dikes are being watched due to the rain and risk of new collapses. It is unknown if the passengers of a bus carrying workers and which was caught in the surge of waste are included in the death toll. (And now how do you feel about allowing mining in the Cajas?)

Candidates for Attorney General – <This is also your civics article for the day. As you can see, the Attorney Generals go thru a different selection process here.> Only 13 of the 28 candidates who registered for the competition to be selected as the Attorney General passed the first screening. Among the 13 candidates are the Director of the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit, Diana Salazar; the current AG, Ruth Palacios, the current general director of the Judiciary Council, Juan Vizueta; and the ex-judge, Merck Benvides.

Section B – Actualidades – I will translate the headline and write a brief summary of what these human interest articles are about. If you are interested, go to to read them for yourselves.

La hipoterapia marcó su destino (Hippotherapy marked its destiny) – Carolina Larriva and Isabel Calle, two young women have started the Kawallu project to bring horse therapy to 140 children with Downs Syndrome, ADHD, and other conditions, as well as 25 children from the Kawally community. The project is looking to achieve foundation status. The project is located on the autopista Cuenca-Azogues km 7.5, at the entrance to the Cuatro Ríos School in Nulti.

La artesanía tradicional: memoria colectiva de los pueblos (Traditional craftsmanship: collective memory of the people) – The article is about the reserve collection at CIDAP which contains 8,053 pieces of crafts from the American continent, the large part from Ecuador and Mexico.

La importancia del Búho terrestre (The importance of the ground Owl) – And the headline summarizes the article.

La Salud Comunitaria (Community Health) – The article talks about the use of antibiotics for people and for meat animals, and the interconnection of nature, humans, animals, bacteria and micro-organisms.

Parte del “misterio” de Las Conceptas (Part of the “mystery” of Las Conceptas) – The article is about the photo exhibit at the Museo de Las Conceptas

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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