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Huawei overtakes Samsung in smart phone sales, Holiday museum schedule, Guayaquil toll highway considered, Bus drivers may join IESS

Viernes, 24/5/2019

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Museums – During this holiday weekend, city museums and galleries will be open from 10-14:00. Following is who’s showing.
Museo de Arte Moderno – Jorge Chalco and Enrique Dávila Cobos.
Galería de la Alcaldía – Luis Crespo.
Museo Remigio Crespo – Historic photos by Gustavo Landívar.
Economuseo Casa del Sombrero – weavers on site.

Festival de Metal Independiente – Metal bands will perform este sábado 25/5 a las 16:00 in the Pumapungo. The 4th anniversary of the Sesiones Pumapungo will be marked with performances by Lignum Crucis (heavy metal), Alias ec (metal fusión), and Ancestro Espiritual (thrash metal). <Their spiritual ancestors must have been blacksmiths.> There will also be unreleased CD’s and band merchandise for sale. Cost: $3.00 & $5.00.

President Lenin Moreno completes two years in office.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Giro económico con Moreno (Economic turn with Moreno) – The 24 de mayo marks 2 years in power for Moreno who has made a radical economic turn from his predecesor’s (Rafael Correa) model, above all, signing an agreement with the Fondo Monetario Internacional (IMF).

Huawei – Sales of Huawei phones rose last year to become the most sold in Ecuador, displacing Samsung. Owners are worried because of the break in relations between U.S. company Google, which developed Android, and Huawei in China, due to the U.S./China trade war. They are afraid they won’t be able to use and update the Android operating system. Phones in the stores and already in use have already paid the license fees and will have no problems. Huawei is coming out with their own Hongmeng OS operating system and won’t need Android.

Marco Sotomayor, an economist and import consultant, thinks that the dispute between the US and China will have global repercussions. He said many US companies have factories in China or rely on China for raw materials, and China can impose its own restrictions. With respect to phones in Ecuador, Huawei issued an official reassurance to its clients that they will have normal updates and after-sales service. Huawei is number 2 in the world for smart phones. Sotomayor called it a battle between two titans to see who will dominate the world telecomunications market. It is also a battle for data. <And the winning company will be renamed Big Brother.>

Transportistas – Drivers in Azuay are looking at affiliating with IESS. The Sindicato de Choferes Profesionales del Azuay is analyzing the cost of affiliation which for now, is set at $69.00 per month. At a national level, there could be 450,000 new members if all the unions joined. Currently only 37% of professional drivers have IESS.

Roads – The vía Molleturo-Guayaquil could be privatized. This stretch of road has landslides that the Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas can only clean up. There is no money for a long term fix. The ministry is considering granting a concession to a private company for maintenance of the road. The investment would be recuperated through tolls.

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10 thoughts on “Huawei overtakes Samsung in smart phone sales, Holiday museum schedule, Guayaquil toll highway considered, Bus drivers may join IESS

  1. “Hua wei” means “defensive, or peripheral flower” in English. The U.S.-China trade war is all talk, nothing else. Plus, the trade war, which barely exists, is between the US and China, not China and Ecuador. All baloney.
    This talk of trade war is a way to divert attention from the upcoming stock and bond market crash, coming soon to a country near you!

    1. Actually, it means “Chinese achievement”.

      华 (Pinyin: huá) is etymologically derived from flower. It is sometimes translated as “splendid” or “delightful”, but in modern parlance it usually refers to “China” or “Chinese”.

      为 (Pinyin: wéi) means “achievement” or “act/action”.

      “Chinese achievement” is the official translation, but like everything in Chinese, it has a double entendre. It can also be translated as “China is able” or “splendid action”, depending on the context. Mandarin is weird like that.

      The ban on Google doing business with Huawei has been given a 90-day reprieve. Tangerine Tyrant did the same thing last year with ZTE, first threatening to cut them off but ultimately backing down. The arrest of Huawei’s vice-president in Canada and the global push to convince countries not to use Huawei technology in their 5G networks are all a thinly veiled attempt to protect the market share of US technology companies. It’s not working, but Benito Cheeto can’t figure out a way to back down without losing face, and we all know that nothing causes Orange Julius Cesar more pain than losing face. Malignant narcissists are weird like that.

      Papaya Pinochet is using the threat as a negotiating tactic, but like every negotiation he has carried out in his adult life, it won’t work out like he expects. China isn’t some tiny third-world country that he can bully. It’s the largest economy on the planet, and while simply putting tariffs on US goods won’t have the same effect as the US putting tariffs on Chinese products (because they import far less from the US), they still hold over a trillion dollars in US bonds and are major purchasers of US oil and gas. Calling in the debt or stopping energy purchases would make 1929 look like a minor hiccup. They also supply 90% of the US’s rare earth metals (80% globally) and cutting that off would not only seize up manufacturers of consumer goods, it would completely cripple manufacturers of US weapons systems, their largest non-petroleum export and a major source of jobs for his base.

      Mango Mussolini is a terrible businessman, but he’s surrounded himself with a bunch of lackeys too afraid to tell him when he’s making a mistake. That will be his downfall. The Oompa Loompa Oligarch is the living embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect; too incompetent to even recognize his own incompetence.

      1. Wow, you managed to squeeze in 7 insults to President Donald Trump! Your misunderstanding of the ordinary concerns of American citizens is going to surprise you in the 2020 election. It’s the economy stupid. More jobs, low unemployment, more money in their paychecks, & he opposes the murder of unborn people. Why do you think people from all over the world are trying to enter the U.S. instead of Cuba & Venezuela? Be thankful you can stay in Ecuador & spout your hatred for America & its’ policies without fear.

        1. Wow, you took the time to count the insults. Sad.

          The problem with the Mango Mussolini devotees is they confuse him with America and then equate criticism of the actions of that malignant narcissist with hatred for America. It’s the kind of twisted, lowbrow, remedial logic only possible in the alternate universe where MAGA hats are considered a fashion statement. I don’t blame you. It’s clear that all those cuts Reagan made to the education budget back in the 80s are starting to bare strange fruit. At this rate, I won’t be surprised if Hulk Hogan wins the 2024 election.

          But remember to look in the mirror and remind yourself that you’re good enough, you’re smart enough and doggonit people like you. Whatever makes you feel better for how your life turned out.

  2. It must pain the author that there is so much heavy metal in Cuenca LOL, Cuenca indeed has a good music scene and the most intelligent rock, metal and hard rock, lead the way

  3. Cuenca guy- just because you place your head in the sand, or anywhere else you decide to bury it, does not negate what’s coming. Trade war is as real as the moon landings. Nonsense. Maybe Stanley Kubrick invented the trade war.
    You should know better, with your 180 IQ, and Johns Hopkins PhD.

  4. ‘Coming’ is constant. Prognostications predictions calendar dates is fools errandry, academic heraldry, punk pedantry.

    But that “authority” rings attractively in many ears, so talking heads & listening heads

    make a lot of noise, whilst batting potato eyes at each other, which dispenses with any need to hear anything.

    ‘Uninformed’ is the uniform in the Nostradumbass army. And the higher the rank, the worse the odor. Denmark’s got rotten taters, too; side dish for the fish heads.

    The ‘finer workings of the economy’ are buried under layer upon added layer of Lilliputian gossamer shackles. The sharpest pinheads in the land of littlest people are continuously compulsive erecters – since way before little blue pills — of a babble bauble of string upon the foundation of Gulliver’s prostrate body. Lie down with short people, wake up fleeced.

    I didn’t count the literateless ones alliterations, but I did appreciate them. And flashed on “Mango.” Making, insistently, heroes outta’ mangoes (mein gott..cha) is constant, too, amongst the mooches (an old derogatory sales term).

    Prognosta, projecta, lets call the whole thing off…would it were possible. Most, if not all, diagnostician diagnalling is about adding carapace layers. The thicker the shell sell, the

    stronger the illusion of control. And that sells. Does it ever. Strawberry fields & mangrove swamps forever.

    But what it buys is black swans. Mooches, & their short fuses, indeed. Short ‘em.

    Surfing, constant proprioception shifting, is a good metaphor. Counterpunching’s good, too. But Foreman frontrunning right into rope-a-dope is far more popular. “Sure things.” Oy. Impossible, but fun to wonder what would happen if all the suckers ducked simultaneously?

    Say “when,” Huckleberry.

    Bathing, & taking a bath…

    Need a count?

    The difference between intelligence & cunning? Crabs…

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