A letter to our readers …

Jun 23, 2020

Jonathan Mogrovejo

On June 18, we posted a column titled “Character matters and that’s why I refuse to take a knee” expressing the author’s opinions on racial issues in light of the ongoing protests in the United States and Europe.

The column upset many of our readers who pointed out that it was racist and inflammatory. We agreed that the article was, in fact, racist and inflammatory and should never have been published. We removed the article within 24 hours.

David Morrill

CuencaHighLife posts dozens of articles a week, most of them original, written by the editors or local expats. Others are reposts from other websites that we think will be of interest to readers. In our 13 years of publication, our philosophy has been to present a variety of viewpoints, some of them that we do not share. It is a philosophy based on the time-honored newspaper op-ed tradition. We will intend to continue the tradition.

That said, in the case of the June 18 article it was not an appropriate op-ed and was posted without a thorough review and careful consideration. We understand the gravity of the mistake and whole-heartedly extend our deepest apologies to our readers. We pledge to redouble our efforts to make sure inflammatory and racist articles do not appear in CuencaHighLife in the future.

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In closing, we want to make it absolutely clear that CuencaHighLife does not tolerate any form of racism and we will not allow it in our pages.

Owners, CuencaHighLife
David Morrill, Editor
Jonathan Mogrovejo, General Manager

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