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Apr 30, 2018

I’m excited to share with you that we are launching our new online version of The Cuenca Dispatch on May 1.  This subscription version is going to have the look of a real newspaper, a big step from the PDF version we used to post.  We’re very excited about the change and can’t wait to see how people react to it!

Here in Cuenca we will continue to distribute the print version of the newspaper FREE of charge at three Supermaxi locations (Las Americas, El Vergel and Don Bosco).  We’re going through 2,000 copies a week, usually pretty quickly.  We load the racks on Saturday night and Sunday morning, and by Tuesday they are empty.  We load them again Tuesday night and can generally make it through until Saturday before they are empty again!

It’s a newspaper owner’s dilemma.  Obviously, printing each copy cost money (more than you can imagine).  So you never want to print too many, but you also don’t want to not have copies available for your readership.

We try to balance that very carefully.  We are watching the racks closely and will decide soon if we need to print 200 to 300 more each week.

The new online site will be bringing the same news as the print version, but will also offer access to the archive of all our past issues and stories.  You’ll even be able to search based on words you may remember from a past headline.  We have made the online version subscription only, but at about $0.12 to $0.16 a day, we think that’s a pretty good bargain!

Our primary goal with the online version is to reach new readers both in North America and overseas.  As the only English-language newspaper in Ecuador, we believe The Cuenca Dispatch online version will find a strong market outside of Ecuador.

The online version is just another part of our evolution that started with our merger with CuencaHighLife.com.  These moves are helping us to grow (a couple of months ago we went from 16 pages to 20 pages) to satisfy our reader’s needs and to bring more attention to our loyal advertisers.

Going forward we will be adding more pages, with more local and South American content.  And like I said above, we will probably be distributing more copies each week throughout Cuenca in the near future.

As we add more pages, we are also adding new features (e.g., our new column “My Smorgasbord,” by Markku Sario) and will also be doing more investigative reporting on the important issues in happening in Cuenca and all of Ecuador.

We certainly appreciate your continued readership.  Your support of The Cuenca Dispatch and our advertisers makes all of what we are doing possible.

If you have friends abroad who are thinking about moving to Cuenca, please let them know about the new online version.  The more readers we have the better!

* The new online version will be live on May 1 at thecuenadisptach.com.

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Hello CuencaHighLife.com Readers,

We are happy to share with you that our partner publication, The Cuenca Dispatch, Ecuador’s ONLY English-Language newspaper, has a very big announcement we believe will interest you!

Starting today, The Cuenca Dispatch is now available in a new online version with the look and feel of a real newspaper, for only $4.99 per month! This online version offers the added benefits of a searchable archive with hundreds of stories from back issues, an easier to read format with all of the top stories ready for your viewing on the front page, the option to download a printable version of The Cuenca Dispatch and an even lower annual subscription fee!

We know that you’ve got more than a passing interest in Ecuador, so be sure to get the in-depth information you need about what is happening in Cuenca, Ecuador and South America. Our on-the-ground reporters and photographers are constantly seeking out answers to the issues that matter most to expatriates. In the last year we’ve more than doubled The Cuenca Dispatch staff to meet the needs of our readers here in Cuenca. And now, with our new online version, potential Ecuador expatriates all over the world can get the same information delivered to them at home, on their laptops or even on their mobile devices!

If you have family in Cuenca or Ecuador, or if you are planning to move here some day, or even if you used to call Cuenca your home, The Cuenca Dispatch is your on-the-ground resource to what is happening in this beautiful country. We welcome you to visit TheCuencaDispatch.com to get your free Preview of the valuable information gathered each week. Click here to go to The Cuenca Dispatch website.

Get ready for the next generation of Ecuador’s ONLY English-language newspaper!

The Cuenca Dispatch & CuencaHighLife.com Team!

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