Abandoned puppies rescued at Feria Libre

Feb 1, 2019

More than 30 puppies were rescued this week at the Feria Libre market. The puppies, in boxes, crates and bags, were found in the waste disposal area of the market by the Cuenca Citizen Guard. Most of the puppies were taken to the guard’s headquarters on Av. Carlos Arízaga where they are being cared for.

Abandoned puppies at Feria Libre.

A spokesman for the guard said the rescue is the beginning of ongoing efforts to find abandoned puppies at Feria Libre and other city markets. “We receive many complaints of puppies left in market areas, especially at Feria Libre,” he said. “Often, they are thrown into trash bins and many of them die there. It is very sad and we are making efforts to end this practice.”

He added that some of the dogs, most of which are female and of mixed breed, are brought to markets to be sold and are disposed of if there are no buyers. Others are simply dropped off and left to die. “Once the puppies are restored to good health, we work with local animal rescue services to find people interested in adoption.”

The guard said it is conducting an investigation to determine who is abandoning the dogs. “It is a violation of the city animal protection ordinance to abandon animals and those found guilty will be fined,” the spokesman said.

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