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CuencaHighLife.com was launched in June 2008 by David Morrill, a self-described news hound, former newspaper columnist, and book and art reviewer, who moved to Cuenca in 2004. Today, the website is the longest-running English-language site in Cuenca and one of the longest-running in Ecuador.

Also in 2008, David and fellow expat Penny Ripple developed, launched, and hosted the email-alert and posting service, GringoTree.

In 2010, Deke Castleman, long-time travel writer and editor, arrived in Cuenca and joined forces with David in producing CuencaHighLife. In 2011, Deke began sharing the GringoTree duties, which had grown substantially after Cuenca, in a very short time, transformed into a world-class destination for English-speaking expatriates.

Together, David and Deke have written a number of books about Ecuador, Cuenca, and expat life, as well as articles for such publications and websites as The Miami Herald, The Financial TimesHuffington Post, International Living, and Live and Invest Overseas, and have contributed to articles in The New York Times and The Guardian.

In 2014, David and Deke partnered with Cuenca native Jonathan Mogrovejo, who served as website developer and advertising manager for GringoTree for two years, to launch a new version of CuencaHighLife. Jonathan also manages the website development and hosting company, GoBig. (Neither David, Deke, nor Jonathan remain affiliated  with GringoTree.)

The redesigned CuencaHighLife has been streamlined and reorganized to provide optimum searchability of the more than 1,300 posts (as of Oct. 21, 2014). In addition to a redesigned website, David, Deke and Jonathan write and distribute a CuencaHighLife e-letter that notifies expats of developments that affect them.

Regardless of all the changes, CuencaHighLife’s mission remains what it has always been: publish news, analysis, and opinion about Cuenca, Ecuador, and Latin America, as well as features on Cuenca’s thriving expat community, for the benefit of current and prospective expatriates. Our redesign and e-letter are simply intended to enhance that mission.

David, Deke, and Jonathan always appreciate your thoughts. You can contact us at info@CuencaHighLife.com.


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