Ag land disappearing in San Joaquin, Mayor wins by a whisker in Guachapala, Get your free tram tickets, Assembly to investigate Moreno

Mar 28, 2019

Miércoles, 27/3/2019

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Amphibian conservation – The First International Symposium on Conservation of Amphibians will be from 30/4 -2/5. There will be 30 talks and master classes. Free, but you need to register at <If anyone goes, can you ask why the frog habitats aren’t being maintained?>

FashionArt – The 5th edition of this event will be on viernes, 12/4 to domingo, 14/4 at the Mansión Vizcaya (Circunvalación Sur next to the Colineal showroom). The event will include live shows, a noche cuencana, and exhibits of gastronomy, art, design and decoration with 90 exhibitors.

Yaku Pérez

Otras cosas –

Titular – Gana Alcaldía con 3 votos de diferencia (Won City Hall with a 3 vote difference) -After a vote by vote recount, Francisco Luzuriaga had 905 votes and Paulos Cantos has 902, making Luzuriaga the new mayor of Guachapala.

Interview with prefecto – Yaku Pérez, the prefect elect, is with the Pachakutic political movement which does not have a majority in the provincial chamber. Pérez affirmed that he would eliminate the Tasa Solidaria; work with the provincial chamber; and with other levels of government, he would build and improve roads. Pérez is 50 with a doctor of Jurisprudence from the U. of Cuenca and one of the main indigenous community leaders in Ecuador. In his studies, he specialized in indigenous justice, environmental and criminal law, and criminology. He also has a diploma in Watershed Management and Population, and has taught at the U. of Cuenca, UDA, and UPS. <So now you know all about “Yaquaman.”>

Investigation of Moreno – After a 5 hour debate, the Asamblea Nacional voted to investigate Pres. Moreno and his family over the issue of creating businesses in tax havens from which they would have received payments and made irregular purchases.

Land – The area under cultivation in San Joaquín, considered the year around garden for the city, has been reduced. Ten years ago it was 80% and now is only 30% because of the construction of houses, most of them without permits, in areas where construction isn’t allowed. A land plan was approved in 2015 and needs to be applied.

Get your free tranvía tickets – Test runs of the Tranvía will be made daily from 8-12:00 and 14-19:00, 7 days a week with trains leaving every 15 min. The rides are free. Go to the Patio Taller at avenidas México y Unidad Nacional to get tickets. Then go to the stop at av. México y av. De Las Américas across from the parque El Dragón where someone will show you how to buy tickets. There is a ticket machine that takes cash, or one that takes the same card you use for buses.

The car <I’m pretty sure it’s the car capacity and not the train capacity.> holds 207 passengers, 52 seated and 155 standing with fold up seats for wheelchair users. During these test runs, passengers will only be seated, and there will be someone to talk about the Tranvía during the ride. The train travels at 40 kph along av. de Las Americas and av. España and slows down to 20 kph in the Centro Histórico. The ride from Control Sur to the Parque Industrial takes 35 min. Cars are equipped with 6 video cameras, a screen showing stops, and a voice announcing the next stop and final destination.

Assange – <Are you all still interested in what seems to have devolved into a contentious landlord/tenant story?> Anyway, the Ecuadorian government reserved its right to bring legal action against Julian Assange for leaked cables on Wikileaks that allegedly affect Pres. Moreno. The leaks assured that Pres. Moreno tried to “sell” custody of Assange to the US in exchange for debt relief.

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Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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