Aromas of San Sebastián Plaza, Traffic dispute mediation, Nighttime 10k run, Seed exchange, IESS complaints, Weather report

Sep 30, 2018


Hola, Todos –

This is your bonus issue for the week since I’m going to be gone for a month. Don’t say I never gave you a llapa. <Although can you get a llapa for something you never even paid for?>

Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Tribute – There will be tribute to César Dávila Andrade el próximo martes a las 11:00 in the Abraham Lincoln center with a conversation about his life and work.

Concierto – There will be a concert el próximo jueves a las 19:30 in the Teatro Sucre. Classical and contemporary guitarrists will present “Sounddelig: Tres siglos de música ecuatoriana en la escena local” (Sounddelig: Three centuries of Ecuadorian music in the local scene). Free.

Cantata – The OSC, with conductor Michael Meissner, is preparing for a performance of the Cantata Popular Ecuatoriana “Boletín y Elegía de la Mitas” from 10-12/10 a las 20:00 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Escenarios del Mundo – Two theater groups are on today’s schedule. “Weros Teatro from México performed at the Parque Calderón this morning, and “Sennsa Teatro” from Spain will perform tonight a las 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo.

Revista – Issue 323 of the Avance magazine will be in circulation in octubre with articles on César Dávila, the history of the UDA <have you already forgotten this abbreviation? Too bad.>, the evolution of the magazine, and profiles of businessman Gerardo Ortiz and journalist Manuel J. Calle..

Otras cosas –

Titular – San Sebastián tiene aromas que atrapan (San Sebastian has aromas that trap) – This plaza full of history and tradition is converting itself into a tourist destination <trap?>. Tienda Café, a family business, offers “Café 1200” which is produced in Santa Isabel canton in Azuay. You can also get snacks, pastries, and craft beer – all generated on the premises. <Hey – I’m just translating the article – no one’s paying me.> And they speak English. <Which is a basic requirement for too many of you.>

Quinua – 300 women in the Palmira zone in Chimborazo have been cultivating quinoa for the past 3 years with an investment from the Cooperación Española and 3 non-profits. What was desert land has been irrigated and over 400 hectares put into production. The local organizations, “Maquita” and “Manos Unidas” are also producing their own fertilizer.

Weather – INAMHI (Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología de Euador) is predicting high temperatures in the country at least until el próximo martes. In Guayas, Los Ríos and Manabí temperatures are expected to reach or even exceed 35 degrees centigrade in the shade. Temperatures in Quito and Cuenca reached 25 C. yesterday. <All of you folks from places like Arizona and Florida are probably thinking – that’s not hot. Cuencanos don’t know squat about hot.> Remember to hydrate and avoid activities in the middle of the day.

Traffic mediation services – EMOV opened a Centro de Mediación para Accidentes de Tránsito (all cognates, all yours to translate for yourselves) to bring drivers a way to resolve conflicts speedily. Participation in the mediation process is voluntary and private.

IESS – People have complained about the emergency attention at the IESS Mother and Child Center, saying they had to wait too long to be seen. IESS hospitals follow the Manchester Triage system to prioritize patients according to the seriousness of their problem. Patients are triaged within 3-5 minutes of entering the hospital and classified as red for immediate attention if the problem is life threatening (eg: heart attacks), orange for attention within 10-15 min. (epilepsy, broken bones), yellow to be seen in 60 min. (vomiting or food poisoning), green for a 120 min. wait, and blue for patients who can be seen outside of an emergency room. <I guess that’s why when I had an allergic reaction and my face blew up like a balloon, think Peanuts characters, I got asked “Are you having problems breathing” and then got attended to right away.>

Hydroelectric plant – The Delsitanisagua plant in Zamora Chinchipe started it’s testing phase. When it goes on line it will provide 1,411 gigawatts/hour to the Sistema Nacional Interconectado. The project includes a 35m. high dam with a reservoir containing 640,000 cubic meters of water.

Actualidades – This section contains articles of general interest and I will translate either the title or provide a brief summary. It’s up to you to go to if you’re interested in the topic.

Músico tanatológico, amplía repertorio para ayudar a bebés (Thaatological musician, expands repertoire to help babies) – A certified thaatological musican in Denver has brought his harp into delivery rooms and into nursing rooms to help gravely ill and dying patients.

First grape vines in S. America – Lima was where the first vines were planted sometime betwen 1539 and 1541 by Spanish captain Hernando de Montenegro with the help of natives. <I wonder if that help was paid or coerced.> <But it seems like Argentina and Chile took the idea and really ran with it.>

El legado verde del “hombre que detuvo el desierto” en Burkina Faso (The green legacy of the “man who stopped the desert” in Burkina Faso)

Psicoballet, la danza como medicina que tansforma vidas (Psychoballet, dance as a medicine that transforms lives)

XV intercambio de semillas de la biodiversidad (XV seed exchange of biodiversity) –
A seed exchange was celebrated in Cuenca on 23/9 during the Killa Raymi (fiesta of the Moon) or Koya Raymi (fiesta de la Ñusta) season by growers in the south of Ecuador. The value of seeds and their free exchange was discussed as was the Svalbard World Seed Reservoir in Norway. This exchange of ancestral seeds is an act of resistance against industrial farming, the industry of improved <hybrid?> and transgenic seeds <seeds that can’t breed true?>, and agricultural chemicals and toxins. <Lots more if you’re interested in food sovereignty.>

Deporte y salud – The Sports and Health page was about yoga.


Ruta 10K Nocturna (10K night run) – The 9th year of this sports, food and humor event will be sábado, 17/10 at 19:00 starting at the Parque El Paraiso. Enter at Mi Boletería in the Mall del Río or El Joyero Centro Comercial (G. Colombia y P. Aguirre). Cost: $10 or $5 for kids under 15 years old. There’s a #RN10K symbol – for more info? <That # stuff is beyond me. I see it but have no idea what it is or how you use it.>

Descuentos y compras –

Announcement – The U. of Cuenca is offering a Maestría en Ingeniería en Vialidad y Transportes (Master of Roads and Transportation Engineering). <So maybe in two years there will be new cohort of professionals who can improve whatever is wrong with the tranvia, bus, car, bike, and pedestrian systems currently being built. Or at least provide criticism based in knowledge.>

And that´s all for today so hasta ? –


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