Arrested member of the ‘Guacho’ gang reveals location of kidnapped journalists’ bodies

Jun 24, 2018

Colombian police said Saturday that it was an arrested member of the Oliver Sinisterra Front, led by former FARC commander ‘El Guacho’, who led them to the bodies of three Ecuadorian journalists near Tumaco, Colombia. The identity of the man, believed to have been Guacho’s personal body guard, was not released.

Families of the kidnap victims await DNA test results in Cali.

The man warned police that the location where the bodies were buried was booby trapped with explosive devices. According to authorities, it took 10 hours to deactivate 50 bombs before the bodies could be recovered.

Police removed four bodies, three of which are believed to be those of Javier Ortega, Paúl Rivas and Efraín Segarra, members of a reporting team from the Quito newspaper El Comercio. The trio was kidnapped in March by the Sinisterra Front and murdered a month later.

Based on clothing worn by the victims, Colombia’s interior minister María Ángela Holguín said Friday that the bodies were those of those of the Ecuadorian news team. Later, the official Colombian news agency said official confirmation will not be announced until DNA tests are conducted on Monday.

The families of the victims arrived in Cali Saturday morning and are awaiting the test results.

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