As the world turns

Apr 12, 2019

Life is always bringing us unexpected events.  Some of us roll with them and some of us run from them.  Often, it’s a matter of embracing our fears and at other times it just about letting go.

I’m letting go of something big this week.  And it’s because of life events.  I’ve had a couple of health issues come up over the last few months (but contrary to the latest rumor, I don’t have cancer) and while one has been partially taken care of, the other means I’ll be going back to the U.S. again in May for a little bit.

On top of that, the recent deaths of two friends have made me realize that life is always moving in one direction. And while my list of things I want to do before I die is getting bigger, my time to do them (as with all of us) is getting shorter every day.

The Vegetable Bar

So, after four years of making new friends, holding events for great causes, laughing a lot with some crazy people (some who were literally crazy!), becoming part of the family with many of you, and simply just enjoying being a part of the expat community, we are placing The Vegetable Bar up for sale this week.

I know, pretty shocking, huh?

Well, for some of you that I’m closest to, not as much so.  I’ve been sharing with my close acquaintances that I’ve wanted to spend more time in our place in Yunguilla and that I also want to travel more around South America.  Imagine, I’ve been here 5 years and I’ve not been to Peru or the Galapagos!

What does this mean for The Vegetable Bar and even The Castle going forward?  Well, right now, nothing. Like I said, we are putting it up for sale.  It may take a long time for that to happen (or it could happen tomorrow).  So until then, it’s business as usual.  We will keep serving our style of food and keep laughing and joking with you everyday.

When a sale hopefully does go through, I’m sure the new owners will freshen up the menu, introduce a lot of new things and reach out to all of you as friends, as I have tried to do.  The staff will still be here as that is part of the deal we will make.  It’s not negotiable.  These people have worked to hard and learned too much, and THEY are really the core of The Vegetable Bar.

As for The Castle, it will continue to be the number one event center for Cuenca.  Trivia will continue, the Lions Club meetings will continue, concerts, birthday parties, baby showers, they all will continue, and so on and so on.

Anyway, when we do finally turn over The Vegetable Bar to someone else, the world will keep spinning.  We will become the “old owners,” then eventually the “people who used to own The Vegetable Bar,” and then eventually, I hope, just your friends, Michael and Codie.

That’s all we can hope for and all we will need.

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