Battle of Tarqui exhibition, Violence on Venezuelan border, ‘Digital illiteracy’ above 10%, There’s a new nunnery in town, Climate threat

Feb 25, 2019

Domingo, 24/2/2019

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De la pagina cultural –

Exposición 1829 – This exhibit about the Battle of Tarqui will open el próximo 26/2 a las 19:00 in the Sala Real at the Economuseo Municipal Casa del Sombrero. The exhibit includes documents and letters by Antonio José de Sucre; objects such as weapons and clothing; a recreation of 30 figures at the peace signing; and figures of the Guarichas, indigenous women who fought for liberty.

Otras cosas –

Trouble at the Venezuela-Colombia border.

Titular – Violencia y frustración (Violence and frustration) – The first try at delivering international aid from Colombia to Venezuela ended in a violent confrontation which left at least 285 injured. Two trucks carrying humanitarian aid requested by the opposition were burned by the Policía Nacional Bolivariana on the Venezuelan side of the bridge with Colombia. At least 60 soldiers deserted including 2 National Police, a Special Forces soldier, a National Guard tank driver, and 18 members of the Guardia Nacional Bolivariana, two of those with their families. <How did those 2 with families know that there was going to be an “incident” to cover their escape? Maybe that border is always in chaos.>
Maduro has broken off all political and diplomatic relations with Colombia and has given Colombian embassy and consulate staff 24 hours to leave the country.

Analfabetismo digital – Digital illiteracy in Ecuador is high at 10.48%, meaning that 10 out of every 100 Ecuadorians did not use a computer, cell phone, or access the internet in the last 12 months. This puts the country 95th out of 140 economies. Digital illiteracy rates in 2017 in the rural areas was 21.24%, in urban areas 5.99%. By province, Pichincha registered 4.9%, Guayas 7.3%, and Azuay 8.6%. <Hello? Coverage in rural areas is very spotty?>

Tranvía fare – The Consejo Cantonal de Cuenca put off discussing the tram fare until the next debate. <Can you spell punt?> It did pass an ordinance about the operation of the tram. The tram will run from 6-22:00, every 10 minutes with 27 stops. There will be a Guardia Ciudadana agent in each train.

Accident – A photo-radar caused an accident on the vía rapida Cuenca-Azogues. The accident happened at 6:00 Sat. morning when the malfunctioning photo-radar machine displayed a speed of 160 kph in a 90 kph zone. The targeted driver hit his brakes and the car behind hit the braking car. A 3d passing car, driven by a lookie-loo, hit a 4th car.

Voting – As of lunes, there will be 40 locations in Azuay where you can get information about where your polling place is and if you were accepted to be on the Juntas Receptoras del Voto (JRV). <Surprise me – there are gringos who signed up to be poll workers here?>

Soccer hooligans – There was a brawl outside the stadium after Friday’s Deportivo Cuenca vs Emelec game that left 3 people injured. ECU911 sent paramedics from the Red Cross, an ambulance, and the Unidad de Equitación y Remonta (UER – Mounties) who got control of the situation. No one was arrested.

Section B – Enfoques (new name) – I will translate the headline and a brief summary of what these human interest articles are about. If you are interested, go to to read them for yourselves.

Las clarisas… en un nuevo monasterio de clausura (The Clarisas … in a new cloistered monastery) – After a year of paperwork, the Hermanas Clarisas got permission from the Church to form a cloistered nunnery.

Cambio climático amenaza los glaciares y el sol castiga las islas Galápagos ( Climate change threatens glaciers and the sun punishes the Galapagos Islands) – Ecuador could lose the glaciers on 2 of the 6 snow covered mountains in a few years. Carihurairazo has already lost 96% of the area covered by glaciers.

Una cita nacional de investigadores universitarios (A national meeting of university researchers) – This meeting will be from 16-20/9 bringing together young researchers in the areas of Archeology, Anthropology, HIstory, Heritage, Education and Social Sciences.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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