Battle of the bands, Open house at the orchid farm, Earthquake, El Centro street reopens, Ricky Martin live, No consensus on abortion

Nov 2, 2018

Hola, Todos – 

Actividades – 

Del pagina cultural – 

Teatro – In the space, The Break, there will be 3 short plays at 20:00.  <No other info given.>

Roaming theater – 5 actors from the Barojo theater group will be performing Saturday de las 18:00 y 20:00.  They will tour the Catedral Vieja, Parque Calderón, the Crypt of the Catedral la Inmaculada and Calle Santa Ana with stories about the Jalamuertos, Aguitas del Descanso, el Tallahuesos, La Zaldúas and El Almero.

Book launch – “Congo.  La Misión” by Dr. Fernando Mora, was launched Friday in the Alianza Francesa as part of their celebration of African culture month.  The book describes the “Medicos del Mundo” (Doctors of the World) mission in 1997 to transport 4.000 refugees from Kisanganí, all of it in the middle of gunfire.

Bandas de Pueblo – 9 bands have entered the 3rd Bandas del Pueblo (Peoples’ Bands) Contest which will be on domingo, 4/11 desde las 13:30 in the Portal Artesanal (Bolívar y Huayna Cápac).

Del cuerpo del periodico – 

Amusement parks – Three parks have been authorized by the city.  These are at the Feria deTotoracocha, the Feria del ex CREA, and “Play Land Park.”  “Discovery” in the Los Eucliptos sector does not have permits.  <You have been warned.>

Feria Expo Sur 2018 – This agricultural fair will be in Cumbe until domingo.  It will feature farm machinery, livestock, leather crafts, vehicles, food, and informational booths.  Free.

Concierto internacional – There will be an International Concert Saturday a las 20:00 at the El Vergel bridge with Puerto Rican artist Olga Tañon.  Open to the public.

Ruta el Manigullán – Gualaquiza canton in Morona Santiago will celebrate the holidays with a program for tourists. The Triathlon “La Ruta del Manigullán” will start Saturday at 7:00 with a 4km innertubing run down the río Bolmboiza from the Unión de el Ideal Beach to the Tambo Viejo beach;  continue with a 20 km bike ride;  and finish with a 10km run ending at the Coliseo Municipal.  There will be an City Tour Nocturno starting at 19:00 in the central park and walking through various parks and lookouts to the Héroes del Cenapa Park where there will be an artistic program.  <Can you just enter the innertubing part?>

Orchids – Ecuagenera will hold a “Casa Abierto Ecuagenera 2018” open house until domingo, 4/11 with hours from 8-18:00.  It is located on the vía a Gualaceo, km. 2.  There is no charge to tour the new exhibits either with a guide or self-guided.

Del pagina amenidades – 

Luis Fonsi – The singer, <of “Despacito” fame> will be in the Estadio de Azogues Saturday a las 20:00.  28,000 people are expected to attend.  Doors will open at 13:00 with ticket prices from $10 to $50.  (I think it’s already sold out.)

Ricky Martin – Ricky Martin will perofrm in Cuenca for the first time on his “One World Tour” Saturday a las 20:30 in the estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Vagones tranviarios en Milchichig (Tranvia trains in Milchichig) – See Friday’s CHL article for details.

Abortion – There is no consensus in the Justice Commission of the Asamblea Nacional on a proposal by the Defensora Publica to decriminalize abortion following a rape.  The issue will be debated in the coming weeks.

Earthquake – There was a 3.9 quake in Santa Elena Province at 14:31 on Thursday at a depth of 10 m which was felt in Salinas, Guayaquil and Manta. There was no information on injuries or damage.

Street reopening – Calle Roma was reopened yesterday.  It provides a new entrance to the Teatro Sucre and runs next to the Teatro Casa de la Cultura off the west side to Luis Cordero.  The passage was blocked in the 80’s by kitchen and storerooms of thelong-gone Roma Restaurant.  The walls feature 5 vertical gardens with 250 plants in each.

Internacional – 

Miles de niños van en caravana rumbo a EEUU (Thousands of children in caravan to the US) – Unicef estimates that there are about 2,300 children in the migrant caravan headed to the US.  It is working with the Ciudad de México and non-profits to prepare un puente humanitario (a humanitarian bridge) to receive and assist migrants which are expected to arrive in the capitol next week.  <But don’t worry.  The US will provide the best humanitarian bridge for the migrants at the border.  Soldiers will open fire and send everyone to heaven.  What could be more humanitarian than that?>  <Contrast that with Ecuador’s treatment of the up to 4.000 Venezuelans crossing the border DAILY at the peak.>

Venezuela – The government of Nicolás Maduro is repatriating another planeload of 95 Venezuelans, the 9th flight from Ecuador.  So far, almost 9,000 Venezuelans have returned to their country.  <Leaving about another 1,491,000 to go?>

Descuentos y compras – 

Colineal – Up to 30% off in the whole store until 4/11.

Vitafama – Furniture week with living, dining and BR suites from $799 and up to 40% off – until 4/11, 10-20:00 – free cocktails and appetizers <that should cause a stampede of gringos – free booze>.

ETAFASHION – 72 hours sale until 4/11 – 30% off selected merchandise plus another 20% off with your Planeta direct credit.9

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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