Book fair this weekend, Premiere of local movie, Seed exchange, Public bike program, Big minga

Sep 21, 2018

Hola, Todos –
Pagina cultural –

Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Dramaturgia online – An online workshop on how to write a play will be held online from 29/10 to 21/12. Get more info at

Feria del Libro – La Primera Feria Regional del Libro y las Lectura (The First Regional Book and Reading Fair) started Wednesday and will continue until el domingo at the Museo Pumapungo on Calle Larga and Huayna Cápac. Activities in the Sala Comunitaria include a talk Friday at 19:00 on the “Historia del santuario de la Cueva de los Tayos;” a workshop mañana a las 10:00 on local community stories; a book launch of “Resistencia indígina y popular, hacia la autodeterminación de los pueblos” a las 11:00; and another talk a las 16:00 on El sentido de los objectos, patrimonio significativo. <I am not translating the topics since if you can’t translate them for yourself, you’re either not fluent or dedicated enough to benefit from the event.>

Tram cars sit idle in the train yard.

Book launch – “La Niebla y otros cuentos” (Fog and other stories) by Lina Vintimilla will be launched Friday a las 10:00 in the museo Pumapungo. The book is a winner in a competition to be published by the CCE.

Book launch – “Etica y comportamiento humano en la sociedad” (Ethics and human behavior in society) will be launched hoy a las 18:45 in the auditorium of the Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Totoracocha (av. Cóndor y Las Paltas) in honor of Wilson Serrano Vega, the mountaineer recently lost in the Cajas.

Cine – the film “El Gato sin botas” (The Cat without boots) will premier today a las 18:30 in the Teatro Sucre. The movie was produced by the “Causaklapas” workshop and filmed in Nabón. A 40 year old historic film, “Cuenca, el camino del pan” (Cuenca, the path of bread), will premier today with the participation of live artists and dancers. <No time, no hour.> There will be another function Friday (maybe the Bread Path, but it’s unclear) at 18:30 in the Teatro Sucre; and another on jueves, 27/9 a las 19:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo. Cost: $5.00. <A reminder that there will be items with information missing – time, date, place. That will be because it’s either not included in the article or I couldn’t find it. Sometimes the time of a play will be buried in paragraph 8 which is about the lead actor’s past dramatic successes.>

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Seed exchange – The 3d Regional Tarqui Seed Exchange, 2018 will be held on 23/9 on the esplanade of the Feria Artesanal de Tarqui. Producers from the rural parishes are expected to participate. There will be an informational press conference este jueves a las 10:00 at the seat of the Parish Government. <Something for you gardeners.>

Bridge inauguration – The bridge over the río Collay will be inaugurated este viernes a las 10:00. The bridge will serve various communities in the cantons of Guachapala, El Pan and Sevilla de Oro. <Your challenge, should you accept this mission, is to find the bridge.>

Del pagina del amenidades –

Bingo – The Women Volunteers of SOLCA <Another instance of Ecuadorian volunteerism – see my commments in the minga article.> invite you to bingo on martes, 25/9 a las 3:00 pm in the Hotel Oro Verde. Proceeds will benefit patients with limited resources.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Se cae la evaluación a la CNJ (The evaluation falls to the CNJ (Consejo de la Judicatura transitorio – Temporary Judiciary Council) – The article is about who will evaluate the 21 judges on the National Court of Justice and other judges.

Noticia de ayer – Another bus accident took the lives of 12 and injured 27 on the Yantzaza-Guayaquil route on the vía Balsas – Pindo in El Oro Province at 4:30 on martes, 18/9. The Cooperativa Nambija bus rolled 110 meters down a hill. This follows bus accidents on 16/9, 1/9, 22/8 and 12/8. In an related article, a medical expert on occupational medicine asked for attention to be paid to the drivers’ work conditions as a possible cause for accidents. Dr. Lauro López cited factors such as driver fatigue from excessive hours, sleep disorders, short times to arrive at their destinations, bad ergonomic conditions, distractions such as noise <like those ubiquitous action movies?>, and poor nutrition. He said bus companies should have safety and health programs, closed compartments for drivers to reduce distractions, ergonomic seating, and satellite monitoring of speeds. He cited common causes of accidents as lack of attention, boredom, and speeding to reach destinations on time. <What did I tell you?>

Casa Ordóñez – This historic house <Bolívar y Cordero, opposite Parque Calderon> in El Centro, which belonged to ex-governor Carlos Ordóñez Lasso and his wife Hortencia Mata, now known as the Casa Eljuri, is being restored.

“Minga por la Ternura” – A minga involving 15,000 people including parents, teachers, neighbors and officials was held to improve the facilities of 439 Centros de Desarrollo Infantil (Child Development Centers). Work included cleaning, disinfecting, painting, organizing teaching material, and repairs. <So those of you who carp that Ecuadorians don’t do volunteer work need to start eating your words. You’re just not aware of how Ecuadorians volunteer. I doubt if there were any gringos involved in this effort. Correct me if I’m wrong about that and my hat’s off to any gringo that did help.>

Tranvia – Placement of the rails has reached over 90% along the 20.4 km including ida y vuelta (round trip), lacking only a stretch in Michichig.

Public bikes – EMOV launched the “Sistema de Bicicleta Pública” <All cognates, all yours> in the plazoleta Santo Domingo yesterday. This free bike service will have 240 bikes at 20 stations in different areas of the city, and will be integrated into a public transportation system that will include the Tranvía and a new fleet of buses which will come into service this coming noviembre. The bikes will be secured and can be released with a “Movilízate” card (your bus card) or by your phone using an app. for short 30 minute trips 7 days a week from 7-20:00. The system will launch in febrero de 2019. <Just ahead of when the Tranvía is supposed to start service.> The bikes have radio frequency readers that indicate when they leave and return to the stations. <I hope those readers will also track when the yellow framed and gray fendered bicycles go “home” with the riders because you know not everyone will bring it back to the station.>

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