Bus card recharge, Mozart’s Requiem, Defense of water meeting, Proposal for new terminal, Kléver Moscoso exhibits at the Salón del Pueblo

Apr 18, 2019

Miércoles, 17/4/2019

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Mozart’s Requiem – The OSC and chorus will perform Thursday a las 20:00 in the Catedral Vieja.

Exposición – “Momentos Racionales” by Kléver Moscoso is showing at the Salón del Pueblo of the CCE.

Otras cosas –

Study recommends building the new bus station in same location as the current one.

Titular – Proponen reconstruir la terminal terrestre (Proposal to rebuild the bus terminal) – A study by consultant Richard Hidalgo proposes rebuilding the terminal terrestre in the same location. The study incorporated the Tranvía and concluded that both the airport and terminal would, at their current and appropriate locations, boost transport services. The mayor elect is talking about building two terminals – north and south. <And those locations better be at a Tranvía stop.> 12 new ticket offices were delivered yesterday and 6 have already been assigned to bus companies. The idea is to guarantee that only paying passengers are allowed on the boarding platforms.

Bus card recharges – Currently, you can recharge your bus card at 610 locations, but it’s still might not be easy to find one near your stop. SIR, which administers electronic fare payments, is planning to add 400 rechargers and a mobile app to recharge on line. 300 of the chargers are on their way from Korea. The businesses that recharge bus cards get a commission of 1%. <Think it makes enough to pay for the phone line? It sure isn’t going to support your family.> One passenger described the problems he had finding somewhere close to recharge and said he gets someone on the bus to use their card in return for $.30. <So bumming the use of a stranger’s card isn’t free?>

Assembly for Water – There will be a citizens’ assembly in defense of the paramos and of water este 24/4 a las 17:00 in the Salón de la Ciudad.

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