Calle Santa Ana house demolished, Trade garbage for compost, Quito earthquake, U.S. university fair

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Martes, 2/1/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Exposición – Noé Mayorga is exhibiting Legos sculptures hasta febrero próximo <You should remember this from before vacation.> in a space at the Casa Bienal. <You should also remember that if there is missing information – I only translate what’s in the article.>

CuencaMUN-MLN-IV – This conference, organized by students at the Unidad Educativa Borja to debate themes that affect the world, will start el jueves and run until el sábado. It’s a Model United Nations. <And I bet that you wouldn’t find one climate denier in the bunch.>

Mini feria – The 3d Mini Feria de Universidades Estadounidenses (US Universities) will be el viernes, 12/1 from 17:00 in CEDEI. Attendees can talk directly to representatives of UD universities and organizations. Register at

Articles about –

Cuentos y leyendas (Stories and legends) – The Red Ecuatoriana de Narradores (The Ecuadorian Network of Storytellers), a collective of writers from various provinces, will organize workshops at least once a month in 2018. <So what’s the schedule you ask? Jajajajaja.>

Straw weaving courses – The Economuseo Casa del Sombero will continue with it’s paja toquilla weaving classes starting in marzo with classes in Cuenca and the 21 rural parishes. Each will last 2 months. The Economuseo trained 300 people including 40 kids last year with 500 trained in previous years. Their 2018 goal is 600 new rural weavers and an equal number at the Economuseo.

Acting workshop – Bruno Castillo Díaz from the Universidad Autónoma de México will give a Taller de Lectura Dramática para Actores y Directores Escénicos (Dramatic Reading Workshop for Stage Actors and Directors). <Although those of you who needed the translation probably wouldn’t get anything out of the workshop anyway.> from 8-25/1 on lunes, miércoles y jueves from 19-21:00 at the AtrapaSueños Centro Cultural. Register at 4185-820. Cost: $45.00.

CIDAP – Director Fausto Ordónez announced the annual Nativity Contest will return to CIDAP. The 3 main events for 2018 will be the Festival de Diseño y Artesanía (Design and Crafts Festival) in abril, the Festival de las Artesanías de América in noviembre and the Concurso de Nacimientos (Nativity Scene Contest) in diciembre. CIDAP will be calling for exhibitors this month in both the abril and noviembre fairs.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Sátira anticorrupción se impone en concurso (Anti-corruption satire wins contest) – The barrio El Vergel won their 2nd year in a row with “El Circo Antisocial” (The Antisocial Circus) <A play on the Circo Social which is a ruin in progress near the parque Inclusivo.> Second place went to Parque Iberia with Las Noti del Parque Iberia: de lo Insólito al Destape and 3d to the barrio Central at Cacique Duma Y Rumiñahui for “Cuenca Paraíso Comercial de los Chinos” (Cuenca – Chinese Commercial Paradise).

Glas – Mañana, 3/1 ends the maximum 90 days a vice president can be temporarily absent. More than 90 days is permanently absent. <And if you’ve been following the news, he’s in jail.> This opens the door to naming a permanent replacement. An Investigative Committee met today to initiate impeachment proceedings.

Giant tortoise – Natural births <and don’t quibble about birth vs hatch because “nacer” was the word in the used in the article.> of the tortugas has returned to the isla Pinzón after 100 years. They were detected in diciembre, 2015, a year after the island was declared free of rats. During the rat poisoning program, hawks were relocated from their territories to avoid poisoning the raptors as well.

Earthquake – There was a 3.8 magnitude quake near the aeropuerto Marisal Sucre (Tababela) on 1/1 at 9:24 at a depth of 7.2 km. It was followed by two smaller aftershocks. No material damage or injuries were reported although the airport cancelled flights.

Compost – You can trade your compostable garbage for organic compost at the casa BioEMAC (av. 24 de Mayo diagonal from the colegio Manuela Garaicoa). You get 10% of the weight of your garbage back in compost. Eligible garbage would be yard and lawn trimmings, kitchen garbage such as fruit and vegetable waste, grains and shells. Do not bring meat, seafood, dairy, soup or blood leftovers. <Who besides a chain saw murderer would have a lot of leftover blood? I think the slaughterhouse already makes a type of fertilizer with their blood. Can a vegan eat plants grown with blood fertilizer?> Hours to bring in less than 300 kg. of compostables are miércoles a domingo de 8-16:00 at the casa BioEMAC. If you have more than 300kg, bring it to the Planta de Conpostaje in El Valle on lunes a viernes de 8-17:00.

Frog ponds – 10 security cameras have been installed at the urban frog habitats along 27 de Febrero, 1 de Mayo, 12 de Octubre, Puente del Arco, av. Loja, Puertas del Sol, ubanización Los Cerezos, parque El Paraíso, and more. <I’m waiting for them to start growing feet. Go check one out – they have a low viewing platform over the pond.>

Calle Santa Ana – The house that had been built in the middle of this now pedestrian passage was demolished over the holidays. It was determined that the house was not a patrimonial. When the city was founded on 12/4/1557, Santa Ana Street which connects Benigno Malo with Padre Aguirre, was a reference in the solar year divisions. <That implies it runs a true east-west. And if the canaris or incas calculated it, the street probably is due E-W.>

Property taxes – There are 54 locations where you can pay them starting today. You can pay at the City Treasure’s Office, Farmasol pharmacies, and ETAPA and EMOV offices. Taxes have gone up an average of 25¢ per $1,000.00 of the cost of the property. If you pay in the 1st half of enero, you get a 10% discount. 2nd half payments get a 9% discount. The discount drops a point every half month until agosto.

Yesterday’s news –

SBU increase – The basic salary was raised $11 from 2017 to 2018. The new basic salary for workers in general and for domestic workers is $386/mo. After contributions to IESS, the 13th & 14th extra months and other payments, the total cost to the employer is $545.47 for workers in general and $541.61 for domestic workers. <You’ll have to talk to your own lawyer or accountant about how this affects you and your employee(s). The article has a table of the costs at various salary levels up to $1,000/mo.>

Amenidades –

“El hombre voz” (The Voice Guy) – Cuencano Santiago Illescas will bring his show “Ya no soy inocente” (I am no longer innocent) to the teatro Sucre on 5/1, a las 19:30 y a las 21:00. Tickets available at El Surtido. Cost: $5.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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