Carnaval schedule, Electronic music festival, New hotels, Plan to reduce El Centro traffic, Landslide list, Persecution during Correa administration

Feb 27, 2019

Martes, 26/2/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Escaparate Creativo – The call for entries for the next cycle of this project ends 28/2. The project displays the work of a fashion, a graphic, and an object designer in two week cycles in the lobby of the central municipal building. The current exhibit will be there until marzo. Designers should send in their portfolios by 28/2.

XIV Edición del Festival Internacional de Cultura Electrónica Música Independiente Rotofest – This Electronic Music Festival will be el viernes y sábado próximo in the megparque Tarqui Guzho.

República Sur – The center has movies every martes y miércoles. Tuesday’s movie, “Bad times at the el Royale.”

Carnaval action in Parque Calderon.

Teatro urbano – The next performance of the Recorridos Teatralizados (Theatrical tours) by the Teatro Barojo will be el jueves a las 19:00 in the church and plaza de San Sebastián with an “unforgettable story of love and death.” “Jean Seniergues y Manuela Quezada, La Cusinga” will be performed.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Paute – The Canton of Paute celebrated its 159th birthday Tuesday with a parade and solemn session. The city is known as the land of cane (sugar) and fruit, both of which are used to make booze. <A gringo magic word?> The city is promoting tourism and has a Ruta de la Caña. Marco Abad, owner of Frutilan in Bulán makes an artisan mistela with local saxuma. The fruit is cut up and mixed with aguardiente <so your mistela is only going to be as good as your aguardiente>, and left to steep 15 days. Then you open it up and add a syrup made from panela and honey and let it rest another 15 days after which you can filter, bottle and drink it. <Just in case you were curious about how to make some local alcohol.> His store is in the center of Bulán. At the Molienda La Abuela in Parig, they make cocoa and chocolate liquors as well as sell aguardiente, rum, wine, and coffee and chocolate cocktails. Paute also has traditional factories like Zhumir and flower growers.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Deslave en sector de San Fernando (Landslide in San Fernando sector) – A large landslide near the laguna de Busa covered a road, trapped 3 cows in the mud and debris, and cut itself a new stream in the middle of San Pablo hill. <I wonder if it will be seasonal creek or year around now that it’s there?> That stream now ends in the lake and lake administrators have been asked to take precautions to control the water level so the lake won’t overflow. The administration has also been asked to close the paths around the lake because they’re destroyed, and tourists need to be kept safe.
There is a map of road closures around Cuenca due to the rains.
Between Molleturo and Puerto Inca – km. 88 – mud, km. 91- a landslide with 1 lane open, km. 97 – landslide with 2 of the 3 lanes closed.
Between Descanso and Zhud at the vía Zhud Cochancay – a large landslide with the road opened yesterday.
Between Río Minas and Pucará – km 15 with the road opened.
Between Río Minas and Pasaje in El Oro – km. 86 – a landslide, partially open.
Between Paute and Guarumales on the vía Paute-Guarumales-Méndez – a landslide, partially open.
The Ministerio de Obras Publicas (MTOP – Ministry of Public Works) will have 25 vehicles working over Carnaval to keep roads open and safe. <That poor ministry has an eternal fight with Mother Nature who’s armed with dirt and rocks, water, and gravity. How could she lose except temporarily?>

Persecución política – La Comisión de la Verdad y las Justicia (The Commission on Truth and Justice) <And Hiyo, Silver, and away! Oops, wrong hero – That was Superman’s sign-off. They should have left Pa Kent’s truth, tolerance and justice alone – much more universal.> has presented information confirming political persecution during Correa’s term. The commission found that indigenous peoples, journalists, police, and social leaders suffered political persecution during Correa’s presidency and there was criminalization of social protest.

Carnaval options –

Cuenca will open the Carnaval season with the celebration of the Jueves de Compadres y Comadres. This will start este jueves, 28/2 a las 17:00 in the parque Calderón. The Guardia Ciudadana band will play, the Taita Carnaval will be there, and the official comadre, singer Verónica Tola will perform along with the “Makana” group. At 20:30, the “Don Medardo y sus players” will play and a las 22:30 there will be a pyro-musical show. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend <each of them armed with 3 cans of carioca (spray foam) and a big squirtgun.>. The weekend includes sales of sweets and products particular to Carnaval in the mercados. The new Carnaval comparsas contest will be el sábado starting a las 10:00 at San Blas, heading along Bolívar, turning on General Torres and ending up at the San Francisco Plaza where there will be a show. On domingo, the festivities will continue in the megaparque Tarqui-Guzho.

Carnaval in Chordeleg will also have Jueves de Compadres. There will be a parade and Festival de la Chicha el domingo and a gastronomic festival and bands.

Paute has a program including shows on sábado, domingo, y lunes.

Pucará will include smoked cheese, chocolate and fish in their carnaval along with shows and contests appropriate to the date. <Don’t think that will include a wet T-shirt contest, though.> The canton has 3 climates – Hot, humid and cold. There are a variety of spas at the lower elevations.
Nabón will have a show on domingo with Sandy y Papo from “Yo me llamo” and a comparsas contest.

Traffic analysis – A plan for the “pacificación de tránsito” (transit pacification) which will be analyzed in 3 weeks would reduce the number of vehicles in El Centro and reduce speeds to those compatible with pedestrians and bicyclists (20-30 kph). Preliminary studies showed places with the most pedestrians and also showed that 40% of the vehicles using the Centro Histórico as a route are just going through without stopping. <Although why anyone would want to go through downtown if they didn’t have to is inexplicable.>

Hotel Ibis – The Cuencanano company Ecuaresorts will invest $90 million in building 10 Ibis hotels in Ecuador in the next 10 years. The first was opened in Quito on 13/2 and the next one will be in Guayaquil. The grand opening room rate will be from $45-49.00 with rates averaging $60 over the year. Rooms have AC and heat.

Brazilian mining disaster – A month after a containment dam broke at the mining complex run by Vale in Brumadinho, the toll is 179 deaths, 131 still missing and uncalculable environmental and economic losses. Search for the missing is continuing with dogs and heavy machinery through mud up to 20 meters high. 500 people have been evacuated from houses close to other dams similar to that which collapsed. Vale will pay a 2/3 salary to their own and outsourced employees who died for one year or until there is a definite definitive compensation agreement. It will also pay for funeral expenses and counseling. The government has seized at least 12 billion reales (about $3.26 billion) to guarantee payment of compensation and for damage caused. <So they can’t just declare bankruptcy, bail and reincorporate to do more of the same thing?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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