Carnaval weekend activities, World’s biggest spoon, Appeal denied for Facebook fugitive, Where are the supermarkets? Election news

Feb 28, 2019

Jueves, 28/2/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Exposición – A show of paintings called “Carnaval” by Quiteño artists RElax h Francisco Maldonado, opened today at 19:00 in the República Sur.

Otras cosas –

Titular – En la antesala del Carnaval (In the anteroom of Carnival) – See Carnavales 2019 below.

Cuchareros de Bulán – The spoonmakers of Bulán in Paute Canton are seeking a Guinness world record for the biggest wooden spoon in the world. It will be 20 m. long with the bowl having a diameter of 5 m. The current record is held by Miyajima, Japan with a spoon 16 m. long and 1.5m. in diameter. Wood from 30 árboles de sauce (willow trees – your botany lesson for the day) was delivered yesterday and 11 spoonmakers started work on the project which will be presented el próximo 13/4. For every willow cut, 10 were planted.

Carnavales 2019 –
Cuenca – There was a party all along Bolívar yesterday when 600 children from different child centers paraded along with their parents and teachers, bands, and cans of carioca. On Thursday, the city kicked off the festival with the traditional “Jueves de Compadres y Comadres” at Parque Calderon. The weekend’s festivities will include:
1/3 – Noche de fuego a las 19:00 in the Parque Inclusivo.
2/3 – Rotofest a las 10:00 in the Parque Tarqui-Guzho.
3/3 – Carnaval a las 9:00 in Ricaurte, Santa Ana y Tarqui.

Supermaxi, where shopping is a pleasure.

Ricaurte – The parish is fixing “El motepata más grande del mundo” el domingo and plans to serve 4,000 free bowls to visitors. <It should be served with the biggest wooden spoon in the world. Is it a cultural difference that Ecuadorians are fixated on the “biggest” (fill in the blank) in the world while gringos are fixated on the “best”?> The cooking starts 48 hours ahead, and the dish will include 2 pigs, 3 quintals of corn and the pepa de sambo (squash seeds), and will be served in an artificial swimming pool.
Victoria del Portete – For the Amata Zambra Una cultural collective in the San Pedro de Escaleras Community in the Victoria del Portete Parish, Carnaval should start el 21/3 according to the Andean calendar, but the community decided to fit into the Western calendar. It will celebrate el domingo with a dance festival.
Santa Ana – In this parish, compadres are honored as the community members who have done the most for their community. This fiesta is characterized by the positive relations among neighbors and this tradition is one the elders want to pass on to the children and youth. The parish will be sharing 1,200 plates of motepata, sweets and bread. But bring your own plate to avoid the use of plastic and littering the parish. There will also be live music.

Voto 2019 – The Unión de Taxis del Azuay (UTA) will provide free rides so disabled people can vote. If you are disabled, call 4110-253 and 4110-254. You can also sign up for the Voto en Casa program of the CNE (National Electoral Council), which stressed that one of the principal policies of that agency is to guarantee participation in voting. <What a different philosophy from parts of the US where voting by “those” people is actively suppressed.>

Business page –
Supermarkets – <This is for you statistics junkies.> The center and south parts of the city are the ones best served by supermarkets according to a study by a real estate portal, Properati. There are 6 supermarkets in the southern zone which has a population of 118,000, so in theory, each location serves 19,000. The city center has 4 markets, but fewer people so each serves about 13,000. The north zone is the most populated with 162,000 served by 4 supermarkets with about 40,000 customers each. The western part in the Ordóñez Lasso sector has 2 supermarkets serving 60,000. The research indicated that location of supermarkets is a key factor in where people decide to live.

Extradition – The Corte Nacional de Justicia de Ecuador unanimously denied the writ of habeas corpus to Paúl Ceglia, who is charged in the US with attempting to defraud Mark Zuckerberg <or something like that>. The Corte decided that preventive prison for Ceglia is not illegal. His lawyer said they will appeal. The US has an extradition order for him. <Forgive my bungling of law and legal terms. In my former profession lawyers were the bogeymen.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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