A real case of Health Insurance fraud


In 2014, Bellgenica Prepaid Insurance Company, officially registered in Ecuador, received a certificate of excellence from an important government agency.

This company offered health insurance plans with low co-payments, low monthly payments, no deductibles, no age limit, no pre-existing conditions, and in collaboration with the best hospitals in the city. This plan was called Plenitud and was aimed at people over 55.

Pretty good! But too good to be true.

In 2018, the company officially ran out of money and disappeared, leaving hundreds of customers without a single cent.

This is one of many scammed customers:
A customer, who asked to remain anonymous, said he actually received a refund check, but it bounced when he tried to cash it. “It was only for $5.48, but the bank said there was no money in the Bellgenica account,” he said. “When I went to the Bellgenica office, the secretary at the front desk paid me out of her wallet. I walked away thinking this is a lousy way to run an insurance company.”

So be wary of health insurance companies that offer all-inclusive plans with very good coverage, low deductibles and low premiums. Maybe that works for small claims, but what if you have a broken hip that costs $8,000 and the insurance company reimburses you. But if 100 people have such a claim, will they even be able to pay?

Check out this other article for the most important things you need to know before signing up for health insurance.

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Daniela Cordero


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