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American Dentist in Cuenca

Mar 19, 2019 |

Natural, Biologic, Non-invasive Gum Treatments

Dentists have been treating periodontal disease with various surgical techniques for decades. Most of these techniques have been successful at removing the calculus under the gums, reducing the depth of the periodontal pockets, and giving patients better access to the roots of the teeth. We dentists usually experienced good initial results with these treatments, but that success was often accompanied by post-surgical discomfort and long term sensitivity of the roots of the teeth. Even when patients were meticulous with their home care using good tooth brushing, flossing, proxy bushes, water pics and the other tools we would suggest, the disease would reoccur. The most dependable indicator of active disease is bleeding when stimulated, for example with tooth brush or floss. Exposed roots are difficult to get to, and after bone loss and surgery there are areas of the tooth that are exposed and can be quite difficult to access. We have had medicines that could control the bacteria that cause gum disease but we never had a way to keep that medicine in contact with the bacteria long enough for the medicine to be effective.

Today the use of periodontal treatment/preventive trays with a peripheral seal allows us to deliver (at home), into the pockets and around the teeth, a mild natural medicine to control the bacteria and prevent the reoccurrence of periodontal disease. For a free consultation to see if these trays are right for you, call Dr. Woods as 097 924-6002 or our land line at 288 5393, or email at address shown. This treatment involves no shots or surgery and will be used for long term therapy at home. If you have had deep cleanings or periodontal surgery in the past, these trays are ideal for you. If you have a history, or have a family history of heart disease or diabetes these trays are ideal for you. If your gums bleed these trays are ideal for you. The only side effect is a slight bleaching of your teeth☺.

Name: Dr Alan Woods
Phone: 0979246002