Andes Mystic knowledge meets Kaula Tantra Yoga:


09 September – 29 September Quito, Ecuador/Salcedo, Ecuador

A 3 week transformative retreat living in Durga´s Tiger School close to Quito and in the house of the Master Shaman Alverto Taxo, to find the power to connect with nature inside and outside of yourself.
You finish as an YA certified Yoga Teacher 200hrs.

The yoga and shamanistic energy work parallel one another. Our advanced Yoga Teachers will lead you into the Kaula Tantra Yoga experience. It is the oldest taught form of yoga in India, coming from meditaion. You learn to relax deeply and flow into the Asanas without “work”. It is the doing in the not – doing. You will explore breathing, singing and the chakras, so creating a deep experience of connecting body, spirit and soul.

Don Alverto Taxo is a Master Shaman and a mystic of the Kichwas living in the high Andes. To help his people to get drinking water, he converted into a politician until the community had water. He sees, that the eagle and the condor have to fly together – the mystic and the scientific way to understand the world have to unite in order to create wholeness.

This course is designed as a three week intensive study of Kaula Tantra Yoga and Shamanic principles.

Don Alverto Taxo lives by the principles of Sumac Causay – the good life”, practicing an earth connected minimalistic living, without the excess found in today’s society. He is passing down the knowledge of the Andes. The space arranged is a rustic setting, high on the mountain, overlooking the village below. Every day we will dive into yoga and shamanistic work in rituals and connection with our planet. This is an opportunity to get a glimpse of ‘The Good Life’ through Yoga and Shamanism.

You will be accompanied by CA Grasham, Master Yoga Teacher and Wind Disse, Master Yoga Teacher and Anthopologist.

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Contact information:

Catherine Gresham

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