Anubis Restaurant

Jun 18, 2015 |

Experience one of the most unique restaurants in Cuenca!  We use authentic, home-grown and locally-sourced ingredients – our food is sophisticated yet the atmosphere is casual, warm and comfortable. Our cuisine ranges from Mediterranean to modern, from burgers to the freshest fish, beef, or vegetarian.  Come and enjoy Anubis’ signature Martinis, extensive wine list, and inspired cocktails. Delight in a romantic dinner for two, or make your special event one to be savored and remembered. Make your reservation soon… you will not be disappointed!

  • Anubis is awesome! The food is always excellent and their Long Island Ice Tea will knock your socks off! One of my favorites in town!

  • Kathleen O’Neill

    Hands down my favorite restaurant in Cuenca! Food is consistently excellent and is always beautifully plated. Marlon, the chief/owner, proudly explains his specials for the evening. He does Baltimore (where he started) proud. Portions are generous (you can ask for a doggie bag) and prices very fair.

  • Barbara

    I love this Restaurant. The food is exceptionally good. My only complaint is that they should open earlier than 5pm. Long time ago we were able to have lunch at 2pm. I don’t like to eat late, and would rather have lunch there.

  • Ken Merena

    I’ve only eaten here once (with my buddy Jonathan, below in dark glasses) and I thought the food was fabulous and the prices very reasonable for what was served. I’ve always wanted to go back, but the location and my laziness (well, disability, too) have made it such that I never have.

    Jonathan, why don’t you take me there again? I know you’re tacaño, so I’ll buy, but please don’t make me wait too long.

    Oh, I agree with Barbara, below. I wish the hours were longer and that they were open on Sundays.

  • Cheryl

    Anubis is a great place to eat. I enjoy the food and service is good. Yes, the food takes longer but it is prepared by the chef. I don’t think they need as many fries on things. For example, the calamari comes with a whole bunch of fries and then the dinner may come with fries. A little too heavy, perhaps some cut up vege’s.
    I too wish they were open on Sunday. I know they need rest, but they could be closed Mon and Tuesday.

  • Brenda Sweetman

    Anubis is one of our favorite places to enjoy great food at reasonable prices.The menu offers a nice variety and their specials are truly “special”.