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If so, we desperately need your help. We are in the process of building a league among the Universities in Southern Ecuador and need help in virtually every capacity. We need coaches, including head coaches but also anyone who loves the game and is willing to help. We need people to help with the league, visiting Universities, helping to provide funding, helping to find equipment, helping to write the rules of the league. We also need people who want to be Game Officials, yes, the zebra striped Referees who are willing to attend training classes and become certified. This is happening…now, and we really need a lot of help, so if you want to do something, and you love this game, please contact me and we’ll get you started. The pay, although you can’t find it in your wallet, is great, when you see the faces of the young men playing, and know that you were a part of that. All levels, all experiences, all desires.

Name: Harry Pearson
Phone: 096 885 2503