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Bone-ito Thai Beef Basil Special!

Jul 15, 2017 |

Sunday: Thai beef basil with Botan rice
Bone-ito’s special for Sunday, July 16th. Thai beef basil with sticky rice. $6! This is a mild spicy dish, and needs to be for the flavor. It’s not over the top, but if you have a sensitivity to chilis this might not be for you.

This meal ends perfectly with Bone-ito’s Leche Flan for $2. It’s a Filipino version of crème caramel, leche flan is a cherished dessert enjoyed on festive occasions, this is the smoothest, creamiest, most melt-in-your-mouth leche flan you’ll ever have the pleasure of trying.

Order by 6 PM today 15th (Saturday) for tomorrow’s delivery on the 16th (Sunday)
Don’t forget to add our organic beef bone broth,
cinnamon rolls cookies, pie cups and other desserts.

As always, our regular menu is available for delivery 7 days a week.

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