I’m alive again, Dr Bennett!
J.H.: Even at my age (90), take my word life can open up and improve, and to my amazement. My level of anxiety has reduced to almost nothing. I remember things I usually forget. I focus my mind on what I am doing. I no longer feel worthless. And, my new romantic relationship is even more remarkable!

I switched tracks!
S.R. Before coming to Brain Dynamics, I had experienced five months intensive treatment for PTSD. Now, I needed something to stabilize my nervous system and calm my mind. Within 24 hours after first session, my perspective and physiology began to shift, significantly. For the first time in many years I began looking forward to a possible future that I had not been able to envision. It was as if I had switched tracks from a well-worn groove to a fresh new beginning filled with hope and creative inspiration. What a blessing!

Extremely happy with results!
G.P.: It’s been 3 months, and still the positive results are apparent. A mental sorting has taken place that I could not achieve. Thought processes are clearer. My discrimination is sharper and I act on decisions more cohesively. Get things done quicker with more assurance, feel more relaxed, I seem to have more time, a clearer, more engaged brain. Thanks for the clarity, Brain Dynamics!


For Your Mind, Brain, Body

All programs are customized

BRAIN DYNAMICS works with you!


Addictive Dependencies

Anger Management


Brain Injury

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Couples Connection



Eating Disorders

Focus/ Memory Optimization

Immune System Enhancement

Learning (increased capacity)


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Pain Mitigation

Panic Attacks

Sexual Function

Sleep Disorders

Smoking Cessation


Vision Enhancement

Weight Management


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Dr. Bennett

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