Calling All Writers!!!

Dec 20, 2016 |

Are you an expat, thinking about being an expat, a traveler, or perhaps a bit of a philosopher? Are you a retiree, a parent with small children, a working professional or perhaps single? If you write, we are looking for you! We are putting together a small but diverse group of writers, either amateur or professional, that either are expats (currently or in the past) or are aspiring to be expats. We are looking for…perspectives. Whether you are in your home country or living abroad, it’s all good!!!

Connect with us! This could be the start of something great!!!

Name: Darrell T Forte
Phone: US 54-608-3167 Ec: 954-608-3167
  • Louis Bourgeois

    I am a writer, a bit of a philosopher, with many books to my credit…curious to find out what your project entails. Thank you, Louis Bourgeois

  • Marc Cross

    Curious to hear what you’re all about. I do write. As yet, unpublished.

  • Bobette

    I’m also curious to hear more of what you have in mind.