Our tour to the Cañari starts at 9 am from our office in Cuenca. Upon our arrival, you will be offered a typical drink of the community and the guide will explain the daily life and cosmovision of the Cañari Andina. After a traditional breakfast and a refreshing drink we will have a walk in the forest to learn the Quechua names of the plants as well as their curative value. In a sacred place in the mountains rituals of energization and the greeting of Pachamama (“saludo a la Pachamama”) will take place. We will also enjoy another small walk on the mythical and historical camino del Inca. For lunch we will share pampamesa with the community, a delicious traditional meal that is made from 100% organic ingredients. In the afternoon, we will continue learning about daily activities with the community, like grinding corn, traditional music with hand-made instruments and other playful activities. After our farewells, we will head off to Cuenca and arrive in town around 5 pm. The tour is $50 per person including transportation, breakfast, lunch and a translater. Let us know, if you would like to sign up for it!

Name: Arutam Ecotours
Email: info@arutamecotours.com