Christian Worship at ICC

Jan 11, 2017 |

Have you ever wondered why the three wise men bowed down and worshiped the baby Jesus? What did they know about this child that would have caused them to do this?

Join us this Sunday at the International Christian Community as we reflect upon these questions and what the answer to them implies about our life view. As part of our reflections Pastor Kennemer will be presenting the first sermon in his 3 sermon series on “The Light of Christ Revealed”.

Everyone is welcome in our fellowship regardless of church affiliation or Christian life style, so come enjoy “God with us!”

You can find our scripture readings for this Sunday on our website:

International Christian Community – We are an inclusive Christian community that encourages transformational love.

Worship Service: 11:00
Location: Nicanor Aguilar y Solano, just north and east of Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Name: Bard Gale
Phone: 0979197042