Common Grounds

Jun 28, 2015 |

The service and the food is excellent, I recommend this restaurant because it has outdoor seating, bar, cafeteria, coffee and smoothies are delicious!

  • Kenneth A. Merena, Ph.D.

    I’m with Joe on this but I would add that the food is consistently terrible. Ten bucks for a 2 egg breakfast? Gimme a break. I’ll admit that I’m the idiot in this scenario because every time I’ve eaten there (8-10 times at their two Cuenca locations) I have vowed to never return, but back I go because it is the only restaurant I can walk to on crutches. Sadly, I really like both of the ladies that run the place, but I’ll never figure in a million years why gringos keep patronizing them. In summary, WAY over priced, terrible food and poor service. What more could you ask for? Oh, and why is it too loud as Joe says? The British male owner (husband of the cute and nice Cuencana that I adore) insists on blaring his kind of music but even worse than that, what is the nosiest place in the world? Any place where gringos go and alcohol is served and darnit, there are drunken gringos there all day and night

  • Cheryl

    Fun place to go but service is less than desirable, food is just o.k. They are very disorganized. With some proper management it could be a great place.

  • JoJo

    I’m an expat and have eaten at Common Grounds a number of times. If you are there when it’s crowded=Great Place, full of energy, etc. plus good food. But for breakfast, usually empty and the food at breakfast is sub-par.
    I have owned a sport Bar in the U.S. and from my experience…..when a joint is poppin’ the cooks produce their best food. When it’s slow=slow , unconcerned kitchen. so it depends on when you’re there. My bottom line review
    would be O.K not great, as far as food is concerned.

  • Catalina Cuesta

    I am Cuencana and do not understand why the ‘gringos’ coming to my city to try to put a price on things ?? should consider that with his evil comments are damaging a business and his own reputation as foreigners.
    I went on several occasions to the restaurant and the service and food did look good and the portions served for the price is very reasonable.
    I went with my family on special days serving hamburger 2×1 and breakfast 2×1.
    I have spent the $ 10 breakfast includes ,eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns, toast, coffee and juice, for $ 10 this breakfast I share with my two small children and I am satisfied.

  • Ron Krantz

    Good service and friendly wait staff who speak english. My opinion, best hamburgers I’ve had in Cuenca for the price. I think the breakfast is fairly priced and was surprised to see how large the portions are. I’ve been there many times and I have never thought the music was too loud.. I do know that there are people who have sensitive hearing and all they have to do is ask the staff to lower the music, pretty simple, I think. I have asked for them to change the channels to a sports event that I like and they have always complied without question. Also, I have never seen anyone there that was drunk but I am sure there have been some.. I have been to many Ecuadorian bars and the music is louder and there have always been people who have drank in excess.

  • Ray

    For those people that say that the music is too loud at Common Grounds I have one thing to say…don’t go there. The place is for energetic people who love to socialize. Please don’t bad mouth the place because you are handicap or can’t stand loud noise. I know, I know those that say that the breakfast is too expensive for the portions that one gets is horrible but consider this…Ecuadorians are not FAT!!! If you want quantity stay at home and cook your dozen eggs and your pound of bacon. This place is not an “All you can eat for puercos”.

  • Good food, friendly service, decent prices. We like it!