Conference for Asset Report to SRI (Taxes)


Date: May 25th, 2022
Time: 11am-1pm

From: Lina Ulloa’s Office

Foreigners living in Ecuador are required to declare their assets whether is individually or jointly with their spouse.
The topics to be discussed are:

·        Requirement to file the net worth form, deadlines, assets, and liabilities to be considered.
·        Temporary contribution to be paid on the Estate of natural persons, who as an individual exceeds 1 million or if jointly exceed 2 million.
·        Abroad assets regularization
·        Inheritance taxes, donations, amounts to declare and exemptions.

Speaker: Dr. Paco Moscoso, former SRI attorney. Currently Attorney at Taxes Law

Place: Edificio Acrópolis – Av. José Peralta 1-119 and Av. 12 de Abril, 6th Floor Conference Office. Register your attendance to the following e-mail: or whatsapp number (only for whatsapp messages) 098-420-5336.

Contact information:

Dra. Lina Ulloa

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