Cooking with REY “Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine”


Join me as we explore the fragrant and colorful cooking of Southeast Asia.
We spice it just the way you like spicy or nice.

–Sauteed Chicken with Rice Noodles & Vegetables: Sauteed with a olive oil infused with leeks. Light blend of garlic, ginger and honey.

–Lok Lak Beef Tenderloin Delicious delicate bites of beef tenderloin sauteed in chef Sreymom’s special Southeast Asian sauce with fresh garlic and chilies.

–Sticky and Sweet Hot Chicken: Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with garlic, honey, chilies and lemongrass.

–Sticky and Sweet Hot Shrimp: Medium sized shrimp sauteed with garlic, honey, chilies and lemongrass.

–Fried Sea Bass: Premium sea bass fillets deep fried in olive oil infused with leeks. Served with two Khmer dipping sauces.

Wednesday – Saturday 1:00 to Last Seating 8:30 PM
Sunday 12:30 PM to Last Seating 6:30 PM
San Sebastian Park next to the museum of modern art

Sreymom: 099 544 3977

Contact information:


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