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Recommendation for Sreymom – “Cooking With Rey” by Greg Goodwin
Cambodian cuisine – private dining
If you haven’t tried Rey’s exquisite Cambodian cuisine you are missing out on one of the best meals in town as well as a great experience with the wonderful hosts, Joe and Rey, in their beautiful setting. We’ve, been there several times. My wife Pamela and I have never been disappointed. We’ve introduced many friends and will probably continue to add more to the list.
If you’ve not been, want something creative and to experience wonderful exotic flavors, you must try it and you won’t be disappointed. Cambodian is not as hot as Thai food can be, but you can choose your heat, Rey will be happy to accommodate. But the flavors will surely give your taste buds a whirl.
MARSHALL: Rey and Joe have a beautiful home, the downstairs of which is fashioned as the restaurant. The four course meal, with wine or cocktail and coffee or tea, is an ample gourmet meal, prepared deliciously and attractively using authentic, healthy methods. Very well priced for the entire experience. The beef dish uses the finest lomo fino available, and is extremely tender and the other main dishes we’ve had are ample and spiced perfectly. And such a beautiful and quiet space very near Parque San Sebastian, everything about the experience makes Rey’s an unforgettable experience!
Thank you for your very kind comments it is my pleasure to serve you.
Chef Sreymom

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