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Bonobo Bob’s newest shrub flavor: Ají Rocoto

Sweet, sour, and picante: How can you go wrong?

Ají shrub is the easiest way to spice up any dish and set your mouth afire, if that’s your jolly.

Use for brines, sauces, marinades, craft-cocktails, and anywhere else you want the heat.

Spread the love, but wash your hands…or witness fury the likes of which hell has seldom seen.

Bonobo Bob’s shrubs, vinaigrettes, and craft cocktail mixes are now on the shelf at Cuenca Consignments (Isabela y 12 de Abril), and Beni Placito in the mall at Las Americas Plaza next to Supermaxi.

Bob Kezer
Bonobo Bob’s Tribu de Amor
One Race, One Planet, One Future
099 44 70 229

Name: Bob Kezer