Don Colon Restaurant

Jul 29, 2015 |

This is my second visit to CUENCA and we have to pass by Don Colon for the almuerzo and a chat. The place is always ful inside with locals and outside with foreigners, especially Americans. It is on one of the restaurants on the corner of the parque Calderon. Great place for little money

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    What should have been a lovely evening was ruined when Don Colon himself refused us a table for two and sat us at a table with strangers. We did not walk in off the street. We had a reservation for two. Half the tables sat empty the entire night! The food was delicious and the music good, but the night was ruined by a pair of blathering narcissists. Playing dining-companion-roulette is not our idea of date night. At a time when restaurant patronage is down 20-30% country wide and many restaurants are expected to close, Don would do well to treat his patrons with respect and not like a pair of tourists he never expects to see again. Because guess what? He won’t!