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Drawing Sessions at idiomART Studio

Jan 12, 2018 |

Every Saturday, starting January 20th,
from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at idiomART Studio

Anyone can learn to draw. That includes all of us who claim we can’t draw a stick figure or even a straight line. Sketching is a skill you can acquire by learning a few basic principles and practicing them often. If you learned to read and write your native language or ride a bike as a child, you can learn to sketch a tree, a table, or even your grandchild’s pudgy hand.

If you want to acquire these simple skills or simply improve your drawing, join Argentinian artist Santiago Sutton for weekly drawing sessions at idiomART Studio. Join a group of others who wish to draw too. Together you can play some silly games and practice a few basic techniques—all in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Bring nothing more than a pencil and paper, along with a willingness to experiment and the curiosity of the kid in you.

$15 per 2-hour drawing session, or purchase a 4-week package for a discounted cost of $50. Class size will be limited, so sign up now to secure a spot. Enrollment is secured by prepayment—either via PayPal or by bringing cash to idiomART Studio. Email or stop by the studio to register.

Name: SARA