Ever wanted to explore Ecuador’s wild alpine grasslands with a pioneer and scholar?

Fundación Cordillera Tropical is proud to present Dr. Stuart White, geographer, field course instructor, owner/operator of the Mazar Wildlife Preserve in Cañar province, and longtime Cuenca resident, in a public presentation on his adventures in the páramo, the iconic alpine grasslands of the Andes. Stu takes audiences on a virtual journey into the Ecuadorian páramo, his tales weaving natural history, hunter-gatherer ingenuity, and science’s reconstruction of this ancient landscape. Relax and enjoy a local, place-based take on honoring Earth Day, accompanied by refreshments and Stu’s breathtaking photos of this untrammeled wilderness.

Tickets available at the Windhorse Café (closed M-W, opens Thur AM), or at Fundación Cordillera Tropical’s Huayna Capac office. Space is limited – reserve now! Price of $15 includes a slice of the famous Windhorse Café pie, your choice from a selection of beverages, and a donation to support Fundación Cordillera Tropical’s work, an Ecuadorian non-profit committed to environmental conservation through community engagement in our region. For further details please contact Fundación Cordillera Tropical. The fun starts at 4pm on April 21st

Name: Molly Roske, FCT Director
Email: info@cordilleratropical.org
  • sueb4bs

    Stu White is one of the most interesting speakers and long-time gringos in this part of Los Andes. Recommend highly his talk this afternoon