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Ecuador USA Roses carefully selects its farm partners to deliver the “World’s Most Beautiful Roses”. Our farms are located at ground zero for rose production in Ecuador, beneath the Cotopaxi Volcano. Roses grown in other parts of the country just cannot compare.

150 varieties to choose from. Individual stem selections, bouquets, garden roses and everlasting preserved roses.

Our farms support over 1000 employees and provide a very socially conscience, safe work environment, as well as providing education, medical and co-op low cost loans.

Take advantage of our specials for delivery to the US.

12 long stems $44
25 long stems $49
36 long stems $57
50 long stems $68

Includes delivery via FedEx and UPS Global, taxes and duties. No hidden fees.

Because of our farm’s proximity to the Quito airport, we deliver in 4 days to the USA. One full day ahead of our competition. We insure your loved ones are receiving the freshest roses with the longest vase life.

Roses that you cannot get locally.

We deliver, “Cheers, Love and Dazzle”.

Name: Ecuador USA Roses
Phone: 0995375396