El Mercado

Jun 24, 2015 |

Great tasting food. Reminded me of a 4 star restaurant in the US. The ingredients where high quality. All the flavors on the plate mixed exquisitely. We will go back

  • One of our favorite restaurants for a special meal. We joined friends for a window table at El Mercado last evening. The view of the Tomebamba is lovely – reserve in advance, it is a treat. The service is warm but professional, the food is delicious, and no doubt, it’s not inexpensive, but depends on what you order. My favorite is the Mercado salad – greens, perfectly grilled asparagus, tomatoes, quail egg, and small but perfectly cooked piece of fresh salmon. The bill is brought only when requested, and they make it sweet by offering you a choice from a sample-size box of Ecuadorian chocolate – ranging from 60-75% cacao. I took two 🙂

  • I agree with my amiga Susan – simply one of the best places in Cuenca for dinner. I’d get reservations for the tables overlooking Turi and the river. Good wine selection, well prepared and extensive menu. Maybe not the cheapest place in town for a dinner, but for a special night out, $25 per person say, it’s got my business coming and going.

  • Kenneth A. Merena Ph.D.

    I disagree with my amiga Susan on this one. Way overpriced and the food was pretty sad the night I tried it. Didn’t have the pulled pork barbecue sandwich that I ordered, so they substituted chicken, which was dry and tasteless. The night I was there it was pouring cats and dogs outside and the place was empty except for me. The service was terribly slow. How can that be? Cute bartender, though.

  • Phillip Jackson

    Well, Ken was on the mark with his view of Tutto Matto pizza.

    But el Mercado has an entirely different menu with different ambiance and vision. During our ten + visits they have been out of an item occasionally.

    We enjoy el Mercado as a wonderful place for good food, varied menu, good service and wonderful ambiance.