Come enjoy traditional afternoon tea that is not so traditional. Cuenca styled tea and social time in the warmly dim hideaway room of Cuenca’s quaintest El Centro Tea House.

Join us at Telicioso Tea House from Tue June 6 from 3-5pm.
This High Tea party offers you a beautiful high tea setting that features two Ecuadorian hot teas:
1. Cacao Tea –you will delight in this rich, chocolatey tea.
2. Guayusa Tea – Amazonian tea direct from the jungle, with a hint of pineapple and hibiscus. Used by the indigenous for energy for the hunt and for fertility. A bright afternoon pick up, with more power than just plain black tea.

Along with tea, enjoy a tray, which includes:
• 2 pastries – honey and German cakes
• 2 types of sandwich – finger sandwich with cream cheese, ham and a cucumber and cream cheese panini
• Telicoso’s homemade liqueur sampling

As an optional decadent treat, Telicoso will offer you (price not included) homemade Black tea blends with cinnamon and clove, strawberry / pineapple orange and goldenberry / and blackberry, strawberry, hibiscus and flowers.
Come relax with us for just $12.50.

Reserve with me at

Name: michelle
Phone: 099 868 0868