FOGUS fireplaces give an exquisite touch to any space of the house, not only for its warmth, but because it is a great way to decorate your home, creating a decoration that can enhance the space either in the morning or at night, providing the rustic but elegant environment that our client desires for his house. And of course, with the ease of modern fireplaces so with just a remote control you can light the fireplace when you are resting in the couch, with family or even in a big meeting with friends.
With these facilities, it is easier for our customers to make the decision and leave a space in their home for a FOGUS fireplace.

FOGUS fireplaces not only are beautiful, but they are also safe. The great advantages of our gas fireplaces are that they do not emit toxic gases and they have oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors. Forget about smoke, you will no longer have to carry firewood or clean the ashes.

And if you are wondering about the installation, don´t worry! It is very quick and simple, and in less than you are thinking, you will have the warmth you were looking for. You will just have to press the ON button and the fireplace will be ready, so you can enjoy a night of marshmallows with your kids, a romantic evening, or a great gathering with friends or family.

FOGUS makes the difference, systems are safe and simple to install.


  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • They work with gas pressure of a domestic stove
  • The infrastructure is very easy to prepare, does not require expensive or difficult to obtain inputs.
  • No gas exhaust required since FOGUS fireplaces do not emit gases or smoke
  • Can be installed in houses where the construction is already finished.
  • The ignition is only done by remote control for greater security of the family
  • Can be coupled to any environment of the home or commercial premises
  • FOGUS has indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • They do not need any cleaning maintenance inside the house, they are totally clean.
  • 12 months warranty


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