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C&C unisex hair design . Are offering a free hair treatment if you get a Men’s Service Manicure+Pedicure+Haircut+shaved+Facialscrub $20
Women’s Service
Manicure+Pedicure+haircut+blower $20
Make up $30 and you get a free hair treatment
Facial Waxing $12 plus Hair Treatment
Deep cleanse facial $40 plus hair treatment
Massage 1hour $30 free manicure.

All services are included with hair treatment till February 28
Book Up your hair, nails, skin care DAY GET PAMPERED YOUR SELF
INFO =0988148902 WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook page
Messenger email today .
If there is any inconvenience please feel free to call Clemencia who owns the shop she is home recovering……
Thanks I will appreciate your call

Name: Clemencia Vizhñay
Phone: 0988148902