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Conditioning hair mask is wonderful at tackling your hair care needs. Whether your hair is a mountain of frizz, or if it simply lacks some normal moisture and luster, so what are you waiting for come and get a FREE HAIR MASK TREATMENT IF YOU GET ANY SERVICE FROM C&C .The weather can be damaging your hair specially if you hair is been exposed to the sun at all the times . If you’re also struggling to tame your tresses, this Conditioning Hair Mask will have your hair back under control and looking great in no time flat.


mani+pedi &10
Gel manicure $10
Acrylic Nails $15
Men’s hair cut $5
Women’s haircut $8 girls under 10 years old $6
Shaved+facial steamer scrub $5 moustache trim =express facial $5
Short hair color cut blower $25
Médium $40 Long $50
Highlights $50and up
Deep cleansing facial $40
Microblanding $100 it lasts over 3 years
1hour massage $25 hot stones $30 , mini facials $5 , eyebrows +upper lip waxing by threading or wax only $5
Shampoo +blower $5
Bridal hair design or makeup 15 and up . Personal grooming day includes haircut, beard, manicure pedicure, mini facial exfoliation Only $20
And more services .
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