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Health insurance requirement

Oct 12, 2017 |

The current Ecuadorian immigration law, demands the residents living in Ecuador to be covered by public or private health insurance.

According to the information we received today at Azogues the deadline to present the proof of insurance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is November, 2017.

It does not matter if expats received the visa with the current or with the old law, the health insurance requirement is a must for all holders of temporary or permanent visas.

At Helping Expats we offer assistance to register your insurance requirement in the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We will need insurance certificate, and the copies of passport, visa page and cedula.

Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, Luis Cordero between Presidente Cordova and Mariscal Sucre

Name: Attorney Pablo Espinoza
Phone: 098 749 3302
  • Carol

    The dead line is November 8th,2017.

  • Acbig1

    A month ago I went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present my new private health insurance plan, previously purchased. I was told I needed the newer version of the Cedula, even though my old Cedula doesn’t expire for another 4 years. Ok, so if I had to go through that nightmare of applying for a new Cedula, so be it. It took 3 full days, and that is with the help of a very savvy Ecuadorian friend. But the point is that during that whole process none of the government offices we had to go to were interested in my proof of healthcare. So, I’m not sure about that requirement to provide proof of healthcare insurance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I don’t know what to believe or who to listen to, regarding several of the new law requirements. Unfortunately, I think this might be one of those “depends on who you talk to” scenarios.