High Tea with Mary Todd Lincoln


On Thursday, August 18, you have the opportunity to experience time travel!

Return to the year 1863 to hear First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln talk about her life and the life of her late husband, Abraham Lincoln. (Dodie Lovett’s one-woman show, “Mary Todd Lincoln: a Misunderstood Woman.”)
Your $20.00 ticket supports Hearts of Gold Foundation and its member organizations, including the Cuenca Soup Kitchen the Nova School (for children with autism), the Fundación OSSO del Ecuador , Lucy Cetap , the Community Assistance Program, Fundación El Arenal, and other organizations that help poor and underserved people in Cuenca.

You will also be able to partake of a high tea in the fabulously elegant Turquoise Salon of Mansión Matilde on the second floor of the Yellow House, on Parque Calderon.

Tickets can be obtained by texting your name and contact information to info@heartsofgoldfoundation.org

Contact information:

Hearts Of Gold Foundation


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