IESS and private insurance. What is the best combination?


Some of my clients often ask me if it is necessary to join IESS and have private insurance at the same time.

The answer is: use IESS for simple illnesses. And for major medical expenses, get private insurance.

Why should I do this?
IESS is an option, especially if the person has several pre-existing conditions and is taking medications, e.g., for high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
IESS could also be used for consultations with general practitioners for annual check-ups, to treat migraines, and for consultations with specialists (if you have patience), in addition to blood tests, ultrasounds, nothing complicated.

But you need to know that the IESS is not for catastrophic illnesses, accidents or complex surgeries.
According to the article published about IESS, members are no longer referred to private hospitals, but only in very specific cases.

With these clear points, IESS is definitely NO for major events.
If you have IESS, I will be happy to advise you, according to your needs. Without obligation and free of charge.

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