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Health Insurance that fits your needs…by Mady Insurance

In order to find the right policy that fits your specific needs it’s important you consider vital factors like; budget, current illnesses (how much you spend on meds), network, and deductibles just to name a few topics.

Often when expats initially acquire a policy it’s purpose is to comply with the law and be affordable, without considering what happens down the road in regards to preexisting conditions, and proper representation for filing claims, using the policy etc.

At Mady Insurance we make it priority that you have a policy that works for you and with you. We do not charge for this service and I’ll be glad to review your current policy or if you have IESS and want a private policy too, or just have some questions. Please feel free to contact me. and 0986304185

Contact information:

Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch

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