Hi folks,
Well it’s been another crazy week at JD’s. We’ve been buying and selling lots of great items.
Currently we have a wide selection of unique items including brand new never used gems including beds, refrigerators, and microwaves. Don’t wait for ads, hard to come by items don’t last.
And don’t forget sellers, as always:
We WANT to BUY your items and we buy EVERYTHING.
Contact us first for your best offer. If nothing else we can help you understand the market value of your items. Don’t make the costly mistake others have recently done by selling your highest demand items well below market value and being stuck with low demand items.
Not only will you get fair value for your items:
1) You won’t have anything unsold,
2) You won’t be waiting for people who don’t show up,
3) You won’t be answering your phone at 5am,
4) You won’t be missing any stolen items,
5) You won’t be listening to ridiculous offers repeated over and over,
6) And BEST of all You WON’T be waiting to get your $$$.
So call today for quick a stress free sale.
Mon thru Fri, 11-5 and Saturdays, 10-2.
Calle Larga 1-213 entre Huayna Capac y Miguel Angel Estrella
0988187723 jdsmuebles@gmail.com
Contact us on whatsapp and facebook/jdsmuebles

Name: John Askam
Phone: 0988187723
Email: jdsmuebles@gmail.com