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La Enfrijolada Mexican Restaurant

Aug 9, 2016 |

Hello to all you foodies in Cuenca!
This is my first restaurant recommendation and I do not take it lightly. There are a plethora of fine restaurants in this city. It was one of the main reasons I decided to settle here. I have several years restaurant experience myself, including French and Italian. So….when I find a worthy, but obviously overlooked establishment I gotta speak up. My favorite cuisine other than Mediterranean is Mexican. I do NOT mean burritos, tacos and such. What I speak of here is “cocino mexicano autentica” with traditional ingredients and seasoning. I’ve spent countless hours watching Chef Rick Bayless on TV and then attempting to recreate his recipes. I am so glad I won’t have to do that now!
We have “La Enfrijolada”. This place was created 3 years ago by husband and wife team Leo and Priscila Espana. Due to Priscila’s background in industrial design and Leo’s in architecture, La Enfrijolada has a unique well put together but comfortable look that one would expect from an upscale US establishment. Priscila trained for several years in Mexico City and that authentic style is reflected in her salsas and platas including a remarkable mole. Leo produces a chorizo that goes well with any of their seven egg breakfast dishes. There is a yogurt, fruit and granola selection for those preferring lighter fare. They also feature fresh juices daily. I combined the fresas y mora. Last Friday I had the Gringas that were the lunch special. Great shredded pork dish. But the big deal for me about La Enfrijolada is that they serve desayunos until noon on Sunday!
Info: location is across the park from the ECU 911 office in El Vergel. Breakfast F-S, 8:30-noon. Lunch and dinner served from noon ‘til 10 pm W-S and Sunday noon ‘til 4. Daily lunch specials. Full bar, seasonal wine list and 3 for 2 scratch margaritas and cerveza on Thursdays. Oh, just remembered, they have an extensive selection of tequila, both silver and reposado!!! Check it out.

Phone: 098-171-5192