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To celebrate our fifth year we began a new program, meant to include every regular customer in our bonus program, not just those buying 2 dozen or more at a time. So…

If, over twelve months, you place a regular order (same amount, same size) every sixth order will be free. If you order a dozen bagels every week, the sixth order is free. If you order five 100 gram bagels once a month, the sixth order is free.

Our bagels are made with no preservatives. We pack them in heat sealed bags to preserve freshness. Free local delivery on orders over $25.00.

Cuenca Bagels, authentic New York bagels. We only bake to order. Your order baked exclusively for you. is here! That’s right, you can place orders, get your total, choose the date when your bagels will be baked for you, and choose pickup or delivery. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail.

You can also view testimonials from clients, see pictures of the bagel you will be ordering and the obligatory biographical information on the company and me.

Visit our webpage at

Name: Rich
Phone: 07 282 0815